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Current Affairs

1. Who won the inaugural world test championship?
A) India
B) New Zealand 
C) England
D) Australia


2. The 16th meeting of National Security advisers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in?
A) Dushanbe 
B) Islamabad
C) Beijing
D) Bombay


3. ___ attended the 16th meeting of National Security Advisors of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
A) Parvaiz Khattak
B) Zulfi Bukhari
C) Mooed Yousaf 
D) S M Qureshi


4. The inaugural world test championship was played in?
A) Australia
B) England 
C) New Zealand
D) India


5. Principal sectary to Prime of Pakistan Imran Khan is ?
A) Shehzad Akbar
B) Azam Khan 
C) Shehzad Shabir
D) Mozzam Ansari

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