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We all want to study on a scholarship, don’t we? We all want to go
abroad on scholarship, don’t we? And we all want to go abroad without
IELTS and GRE tests, don’t we? Turkish scholarships might be the best
option to turn your dreams into reality.
Who can ignore the Geo-strategic importance of Turkey in the 21
century? It is a gateway to Europe and a beautiful tourist attraction. George
Friedman in his book, “The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21
st Century” writes that Turkey has the capacity to become a superpower. And
we all love the land of Ertugral, don’t we?
In the past two decades, Turkey has worked on increasing its soft power.
Turkish Government offers scholarships to Graduate and Undergraduate
students of Asia, Africa, and other regions of the world.
These scholarships are offered every year to outstanding students from
all over the world.
Why Turkish Scholarships?
Turkish Scholarships are unique for: its financial coverage, admissions
are offered in the top 50 universities of Turkey.
What does a Scholarship for Undergraduate cover?
The scholarship for Undergraduate covers: Monthly stipend of 800 TL
per month, tuition fee, once-off return flight ticket, health insurance, accommodation, and one-year Turkish language course.
What does scholarship for postgraduate cover?
The Scholarship for Postgraduate program covers: Students pursuing a
master’s degree are awarded 1100 Turkish Lira per month, and Ph.D. students get 1600 TL per month, tuition fee, once off return flight ticket,
health insurance, accommodation, and a one-year Turkish language
Application Calendar
For Undergraduate and Postgraduate scholarship programs the application opens in January and close in February. The applications are evaluated from February till May. Once the applications are evaluated by the
scholarship awarding committee, the candidates are shortlisted for the
interview. After the interviews, the results are announced in July. The
successful candidates then sign an agreement. And generally, the whole
process gets completed by September.
Application Criteria
Bachelor’s Degree:
For Bachelor’s degree, the minimum academic percentage required is
Postgraduate Degree:
For a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree, a student must have at
least 75% marks.
If a candidate wants to go for MBBS or BDS, then he/she needs to have
at least 90% marks in FSc.
Age Criteria
For an undergraduate degree, a candidate must be under the age of 21
For the Master’s degree program, a candidate’s age must be under 30
For the Doctorate program, a candidate’s age must not exceed 35
Is IELTS or GRE compulsory?
The answer is No. If you don’t have IELTS or GRE score, you can apply
for the scholarship. If you want to study courses in English, then they
ask you for an IELTS score, otherwise, you don’t need IELTS. The students will have to learn the Turkish language in one year. It is compulso-
How can you apply?
Applications are accepted online. There is no submission of application
in hard form. Candidates will visit www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr and apply
online. You will have to create an account and fill the application form
and upload the required documents.
National ID card or Passport
Recent Photograph of the applicant
Candidate’s academic scores
Academic transcripts
GRE, GMAT score if you have
IELTS/TOFEL score if you have
Research proposal for Ph.D. students
So we hope you have become aware of the Turkey Scholarships now. In
2014, almost 50,000 students had applied for Turkey Scholarships. And
the total seats were almost 50. In the next few years, the number of applicants reached over 1 lac. And the number of scholarships was increased to 100 seats. We don’t have the latest statistics about the number
of applicants and the number of scholarship seats. But one thing is sure:
these scholarships can easily be availed. There are no strings attached.
And your chances of selection are high if you have a good academic
background. The scholarships will open in December or January, prepare
yourselves for the apply. Make sure: you get two or three recommendation letters from your University and scan all your documents. If you
have an excellent record in extracurricular activities, your chances of selection will increase. Best of Luck!!!

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