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What is the name of the new female judge of the US supreme court who replaced lebral icon late Ruth Bader?

A) Amy Coney

B) Neky Hellay

C) Sarah Sander

D) None

Which two rivals parties in the Yemen war recently agreed that they will exchange their prisoners ?

A) ISIS-Houthis

B) Saud Arabia-Houthis

C) ISIS-Saud Arabia

D) Al-Qaeda-ISIS

According to the data of KPK tourism department, how much loss was inflicted by Corona pendamic to KP tourism department?

A) Rs 10 Billion

B) Rs 8 Billion

C) Rs 12 Billion

D) Rs 15 Billion

World tourism day is marked world wide on?

A) 28th Sep

B) 27th Sep

C) 26th Sep

D) 25th Sep

How much mark-up subsidy scheme was announced by the federal govt for agriculture sector ?

A) Rs 6.861 Billion

B) Rs 6.90 Billion

C) Rs 6.676 Billion

D) None

Which country prime minister recently resigned due to the failure of forming the government?


B) Sudan

C) Lebnan

D) Kosovo

Fatima fertilizer start a campaign to recognize the farmers of Pakistan, what is the name of that campaign?

A) Salam Kisan
B) Green Kisan
C) Kisan life
D) Digital Kisan

In Pakistan,18th December is celebrated as a?

A) Worker day
B) National Kissan day
C) Digital Kisan day
D) None

Which country was recently inducted by the world economic forum into ‘global champions for nature community’?

A) India
B) Turkey
C) Pakistan
D) Canada

Which campaign won the “best digital campaign” of the year award?

A) Green Kisan
B) Salam Kisan
C) Digital kisan
D) Kisan life

When Prime minister Imran Khan address UNGA?

A) 26th Sep 2020

B) 25th Sep 2020

C) 23rd Sep 2020

D) None

The judicial commission of APS Peshawar attack comprises of?

A) One member
B) Three members
C) Four members
D) Two members

According to study, which province is best in sharing the information under RTI law?

A) Balochistan

B) Punjab

C) Sindh


Which Kashmiri journalist recently won “peter Mackler” prize for courageous and ethical journalism?

A) Sadeeq Pasha

B) Masrat Zahra

C) Hadeeqa Wani

D) Amir Wani

Which App was launched by Saud Arabia to improve Umrah Experience?

A) I’Tamarna
B) Al-Kaba app

C) Aswad App

D) None

According to recent research study, which virus can provide immunity against corona virus ?

A) Congo

B) Bird flow

C) Dengue

D) Sars

What is the name of Pakistani actor who got first ever international best actor award ?

A) Kaif Ghaznai

B) Raza Ali Abid

C) Adnan Jaffar
D) Khalid Ahmad

According to TDR2020 report, how much the world economy will loss in term of income due to corona pandemic by the end of 2021?

A) $12 Trillion

B) $8 Trillion

C) $10 Trillion

D) None

Khalid Ahmad got best actor award at international film festival, what is the name of that drama in which he featured ?

A) Mera Naseeb

B) Intezar

C) Churail

D) Jalan

What is the name of only Indian actor to join “TIME’S” list of the 100 most influential people?

A) Shah Rukhan

B) Salman Khan

C) Ayushmann Khurrana

D) Nawazudin Siddiqui

Which Arab country quit chairmanship of Arab league in protest of Arab-Israel ties?

A) Palestain

B) Qatar

C) Kuwait

D) Yemen

What is the name of “chairman joint chiefs of staff committee” of Pakistan army?

A) General Asif Ghafoor

B) General Nadeem Babar

C) General Nadeem Raza

D) General Shamim

Which chinese origin tank was recently added to armoury of Pakistan Army?

A) Al-Khalid-1

B) VT-4

C) Ghuri-2
D) TVS-5

What is the name ultraviolet lamp developed by Japanese company that kill corona virus without damaging human health?

A) Care 254

B) Care 222

C) UV 254
D) UV 223

According to recently announces monetary policy by state bank of Pakistan, the real interest rate is ?

A) 7%

B) Below ZERO

C) Below 1%
D) 9%

According to data from FBR, __ filers individuals paid zero tax in the tax year 2018.

A) 36.6%

B) 35.9%

C) 40.5%

D) 33.6%

Multi-party conference was hosted by __ on 20th Sep 2020.


What is the name of the movement started by the opposition parties to over through the current regime?

A) Pakistan protection movement
B) Democracy protection movement
C) Pakistan democratic movement
D) Democracy revival movement

Who is the Special assistant to prime minister Imran Khan on national security and strategic policy?

A) Parveiz Khattan
B) Nadeem Babar
C) Zulfi Bukhari
D) Mooed Yousaf

Who is the special assistant to prime minister Imran Khan on health?

A) Dr. Zafar Mirza

B) Dr. Faisal Sultan

C) Tania Aidrus

D) Nadeem Babar

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