Current Affairs

Antarctic records hottest ever on____________

A) 3rd February 2020

B) 7th February 2020

C) 9th February 2020

D) 8th February 2020

When was Corona Virus first reported?

A) 27th December 2019

B) 31st December 2019

C) 2nd January 2020

D) 5th January 2020

The UN on 23th June 2020 ordered probe into Mass Graves, which were found in ____

A) Egypt

B) Qatar

C) Libya

C) Jordan

How many European country are now

A) 26

B) 28

C) 27

D) 29

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been postponed to __________ due to coronavirus pandemic?

A) 2021

B) 2022

C) 2023

D) None of these

____ ranked at 1st position in the heritage foundation index 2020 of economic freedom?

A) Hong Kong

B) Italy

C) Singapore

D) Indonesia

According to the world happiness report 2020 which is the happiest country in the world?

A) Denmark

B) Finland

C) Singapore


Which decade is announced as international decade for people of African Descent?

A) 2015-2024

B) 2017-2026

C) 2020-2029

D) None of these

Who has recently nominated as Prime Minister of Iraq by President Barham Salih on 17 March 2020?

A) Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

B) Adnan Al- zurfi

C) Adel Abdul Mahdi

D) None of them

Which Country has successful conducted a test-flight of a Hypersonic Missile after Russia?


B) North Korea

C) France

D) Israel

Video conference of SAARC leaders on COVID-19 held on which date?

A) 14 March 2020

B) 15 March 2020

C) 16 March 2020

D) None of these

Who is the incumbent president of FIFA?

A) Gianni Infantine

B) Jammes Watt

C. Zedain

D. Robbert Whem

Which global organisation has launched the ”COVID Action Platform” to convene the business community to support for COVID-19?

A) World Bank

B) World Economic Forum

C) International Monitory Fund

D) United Nations

Which country witnessed the swearing in of two Presidents on March 10, 2020?

A) Nepal

B) Afghanistan

C) Malaysia

D) Sri Lanka

Who is the current Prime Minister of Belgium?

A) Kolinda Graber-Kitarovic

B) Katrin Jakobsdottir

C) Sophie Wilmes

D) None of these

How many British members of European Parliament are there?

A) 71

B) 73

C) 77

D) None of these

Which country hosted the 56 Munich Security conference(MSC) 2020?

A) Austria

B) France

C) Germany

D) Spain

What is the name of NASA’s rover for Mars Mission 2020?

A) Prospect

B) Call

C) Innovation

D) Perseverance

The World Bank has announced how much Aid package to help countries combat Coronavirus outbreak?

A) USD 10 billion

B) USD 12 billion

C) USD 14 billion

D) USD 16 billion

Bangladesh is going to celebrate the “Mujib Borsho’ in which year?

A) 2021

B) 2020

C) 2019

D) 2022

Which country recently assumed presidency of the UN security council for the month of March 2020?

A) Japan

B) Russia

C) China

D) Germany