Current Affairs

Which magazine again reprinted sketches of prophet (PBUH)?

A) Charlie Hebdo 

B) Paris match

C) Marie Claire

D) Onze Mondial

What is the name of newly appointed PM of Lebanon?

A) Saad Hariri

B) Mustapha Adib

C) Michel Aoun

D) Hassan Nasrullah

Which Arab country recently sacks their top military commander due to corruption allegations?

A) Syria

B) Saud Arabia

C) Qatar

D) Egypt

What was written on the plane which was carrying US and Israel diplomats to UAE for peace talk?

A) Brotherhood

B) Israel-UAE friendship

C) Peace 

D) Victory of peace

In how many language the word ”peace” was written on the plane carrying Israel and US diplomats for peace talk with UAE?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three 

D) Four

The world economies deep into recession, the main reason of the recession is?

A) Incompetent Governments

B) Corona Pandemic

C) US-China trade war

D) Increase in oil prices

According to recent study for how many months the Covid-19 antibodies present in patients after recovery?

A) 4 Months 

B) 3 Months

C) 1 Month

D) 2 Months

Which court recently ruled out that the NSA’S mass surveillance program was illegal?

A) Russian Court

B) US Court

C) China Court

D) UK Court

According to recent study in UK, which drug is effective in countering Covid-19?

A) Hydrocortisone

B) Hydrochloride

C) Coronavera

D) None

Which latest AI language model is capable of completing dialogue between two peoples?

A) GPT-3

B) GPT-5

C) GPT-4

D) GPT-6

Which star footballer recently confirmed that he will not leave his childhood football club?

A) Cristiano Ronaldo

B) Zlatan Ibrahimović

C) Neymar

D) Lionel Messi

How the US peoples will cast their votes in the upcoming election?

A) Through Mail

B) Through special Application

C) Physical existence

D) None

Which are the two Arab countries who open their air space for UAE-Israel flights?

A) Qatar-Bahrain

B) Jordan-Saud Arabia

C) Bahrain-Saud Arabia

D) Kuwait-Saud Arabia

Which country recently launch reusable spacecraft?


B) Russia

C) China


For how many days the first reusable spacecraft of china remain in the flight ?

A) Four day

B) Three days

C) Two days

D) Five days

What has happened to Jamal Khashoggi killers?

A) Sentenced to death

B) Life time prison

C) Acquitted

D) Pardon

Which tennis star was disqualified from US open after accidently striking line judge with ball?

A) Novak Djokovic

B) Raja Federer

C) Rafael Nadal

D) Andy Murray

Which country recently announced that they are separating religion from state?


B) Egypt

C) Turkey

D) Sudan

According to research study of Agha Khan University, how many corona patients out of 10 are asymptomatic in Karachi?

A) 8

B) 9

C) 7

D) 5

What is the name of new IGP of Punjab police?

A) Mushtaq Mehar

B) Shoaib Dasagir

C) Inam Ghani

D) Umar Sheikh

Who is the new chairperson of Kelectric?

A) Shan A Ashary

B) Shah A Bashir

C) Ghulam Ghani

D) Abdul A Hakim