Current Affairs

Which film festival announce that they will make acting prize gender neutral in 20201?

A) Berlin film festival

B) Glasgow film festival

C) Animation film festival

D) Digital film festival

Who is the Republican nominee for upcoming US election 2020?

A) Mike pence

B) Donald Trump

C) Bernie Sander

D) None of these

Which Australian airline recently announced downsizing due to Corona pandemic?

A) Qantas

B) Virgin Australia

C) Jetstar

D) Rex

Which country recently announced that world biggest measles outbreak which killed more than 7000 children has now ended completely?

A) DR Congo

B) Ethiopia

C) Kenya

D) Sudan

Which country court recently give life time jail to wicked Christchurch mosque shooter?

A) New Zealand


C) Australia

D) France

Recently the trial of which Arab country former president adjourned to September 1 2020?

A) Egypt

B) Sudan

C) Tunisia

D) Syria

Afghan Taliban delegation recently visited Pakistan led by?

A) Mullah Brothers

B) Shaheen stanakzai

C) Sher Abbas

D) Mullah Abdulsalam

Corona virus recently strike which endangered tribe of India?

A) Andamans tribe

B) Shudar tribe

C) Shudman tribe

D) Guhman tribe

According to UNESCO report how many students are deprived of virtual education due to corona pandemic?

A) 463 million

B) 500 million

C) 444 million

D) 465 million

Who was for the first time in history of new Zealand sentence to life in prison without parole?

A) Brenton Tarrant

B) Brenton Boult

C) Thomas Tarrant

D) Micheal Havid

Which airline recently announced that they will start direct flight operation to Pakistan from December 2020?

A) Emirate Airline

B) Qantas Airline

C) Virgin Atlantic

D) European Airline

Who recently resign from the top management of the TIKTOK?





_____ was recently resign as CEO of TIKTOK.

A) Kevin Mayer

B) Kevin Hockin

C) Robert Ford

D) None of these

Which country recently allowed IAEA to visit their nuclear sites?


B) Pakistan

C) Iran

D) North Korea

Which country prime minister recently resign due to bad health?


B) Japan

C) South Korea

D) Germany

What is the name of prime minister of japan, who recently resigned?

A) Shinzo Abe

B) Hou

C) Neopon

D) Cheng Abe

______ Creator JK Rowling return the award presented by JF Kennedy family due to criticism on her comments in favor of transgender community.

A) Harry Potter

B) Viking

C) Game of throne

D) None of these

Which Indian Muslim woman was honored with London blue plaque?

A) Noor Inayat Khan

B) Habiba Ansari

C) Musarat Khan Ansari

D) None of these

What was the name of the 'black panther' movie hero who died due to cancer ?

A) Chadwick Boseman

B) Herry  David

C) Narlo Chadwick

D) None

Which country recently fine their citizens for failing to participate in elections?

A) Iran

B) Egypt

C) Sri Lanka

D) Belarus

Which country recently arrest the male musician because he was alleged that he is working with female musician and encouraging prostitution?


B) Saud  Arabia

C) Iran

D) Bahrain