Current Affairs

______sign executive order giving American 45 days to stop doing business with TIKTOK and WeChat.

A) Barack Obama

B) Donald Trump

C) Ivanka Trump

D) None

________ become new governor of occupied Kashmir

A) Manmoham Singh

B) Narendra Modi

C) Amit Shah

D) Manoj Sinha

2. Trump sign executive order giving American ______ days to stop doing business with TIKTOK and WeChat.

A) 30

B) 60

C) 45

D) 90

Manoj Sinha become new governor of______

A) Ladakh

B) Occupied Kashmir

C) Dehli

D) Ori

________ to setup political party at age 95

A) Shah Salman

B) Imran Khan

C) Mahatir

D) Ashraf Ghani

Pope names _________ women to Vatican economic council

A) 6

B) 7

C) 8

D) None

Mahatir to setup political party at age________

A) 95

B) 90

C) 75

D) None

Imran Khan thanks ______ for speech on held Kashmir

A) Tayib Ardogan

B) Mahatir Muhammad

C) Hassan Rouhani

D) Shah Salman

India and Israel collaborate to develop rapid testing for COVID-19 under______

A) 30 seconds

B) 20 seconds

C) 40 seconds

D) None

South Korea’s first-ever military communications satellite has been successfully launched by private operator SpaceX, its name is__________?



C) Apollo

D) None

Musta Kemal Ataturk was the______ president of Turkey who issued presidential decree to transform the Hagia Sophia Mosque into a Muesum?

A) 1st

B) 2nd

C) 3rd

D) None

The friday prayer was offered in_____ Mosque in Turkey after its conversion to Mosque?

A) Saphia

B) Sophia

C) Babri

D) None

When the Friday prayer was offered in Sophia Mosque in Turkey after its conversion to Mosque?

A) 20th July 2020

B) 12th July 2020

C) 24th July 2020

D) None

_______prayer took place at Hagia Sophia Mosque in Turkey after its conversion from Museum to Mosque?

A) Eid

B) Juma

C) Morning

D) None

_______ became the 25th country to receive observer status in the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

A) Pakistan

B) Afghanistan

C) Turkmenistan

D) None

Great Thunberg won GulbenkianPrize for______

A) Physics

B) Climate

C) Humanity

D) None

______ will host the next edition of Men’s T20 world cup in 2021?

A) India

B) Australia

C) South Africa

D) None

_________ has banned free internet services for social media?

A) Pakistan

B) India

C) Bangladesh

D) Srilanka

NASA has postponed the launch of _______ Space Telescope till October 2021

A) Micheal Webb

B) Adam Webb

C) James Webb

D) None

Which nation’s Parliament has begun the process of banning same-sex marriage?



C) Pakistan

D) Russia

When is World Hepatitis Day celebrated?

A) 1st August

B) 28th July

C) 24th July

D) None