Current Affairs

When the intra-afghan peace talks started between Afghan government and Taliban?

A) 11th Sep 2020 
B) 12th Sep 2020 
C) 13th Sep 2020 
D) 14th  Sep 2020 

To discourage corruption, the police stations in which province got financial autonomy?

B) Punjab 
C) Balochistan 
D) Sindh

Who is the current Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A) Jawad S.Khawaja 
B) Ajiz Ul Hassan 
C) Gulzer Ahmed 
D) Asif Saeed Khosa

According to SBP, the foreign exchange reserve increased on weekly basis?

A) 0.74%
B) 0.79%
C) 0.80%
D) 0.95%

Who won 2020 US Open Tennis final?

A) Serena William 
B) Victoria Azarenka
C) Naomi Osaka
D) Maria Sharapova