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Current Affairs

Pakistan Army shoots down Indian_______ drone in July.

A) Tricopter

B) quadcopter

C) Minicopter

D) None

Pakistan Army shoots down Indian quadcopter drone in July, which was the________ Indian quadcopter shot down by the Pak Army in 2020.

A) 2nd 

B) 3rf

C) 20th

D) 10th

Pakistan has been elected _____ time president of the UN Economic & Social Council.

A) 5th

B) 8th

C) 10th

D) 6th

Which Pakistani ambassador has been elected as the President of the UN Economic & Social Council?

A) Dr.faisal

B) Dr Maleha  Lodhi

C) Munir Akram

D) None

__________ government has banned over 100 textbooks for containing objectionable content ?


B) Sindh

C) Punjab

D) Gilgit Baltistan

______ Pakistanis released from UAE jails in July 2020 ?

A) 2,000

B) 1,800

C) 1,200

D) 1,100

The ____ High Court (IHC) on 23-July-2020 ordered sealing of the Navy Sailing Club on the rawal lake.

A) Lahore

B) Peshawar

C) Islamabad

D) Quetta

_______ become the first Pakistani javelin player to directly qualify for Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

A) Fakhar zaman

B) Khan  Baba

C) Arshad Nadeem

D) None

Pakistan rank ______ according to the NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) nuclear security index 2020.

A) 10th

B) 17th

C) 20th

D) 19th

Senior journalist _______ was abducted from Islamabad on 21st July 2020.

A) Hamid Mir

B) Matiullah Jan

C) Salim  Safi

D) Shahzaib Khanzada

_______ is Executive Director of National Institute of Health Islamabad.

A) Zafar Mirza  

B) Dr Faisal

C) Major General  Aamer Ikram

D) None

Pakistan has signed an agreement with _____ for 700 MW Azad Pattan hydropower Project in July 2020?


B) Iran 


D) China

Bilawal Latif Dawar wrote the book?

A) Pashtoon Heroes

B) Pashtoon Warrior

C) Pashtoon Hospitatlity

D) None

According to the UN data, what is population wise rank of Pakistan in 2020?

A) 2nd

B) 5th

C) 9th

D) 3rd

Pakistan has found new deposits of oil and gas in exploratory well Mamikhel South-01, located in Tal block in _________

A) Punjab

B) Balochistan


D) None

______ has achieved the UN Sustainable Development Goal for protecting the environment and holding off climate change a 10 years before the deadline.

A) Holand

B) Sweden

C) Pakistan

D) China

Renowned Pakistani magician __________ , who entertained his fans for decades, passed away on Thursday July 16 after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest

A) Parveen Shakir

B) Iqbal Hussain

C) Rahat Fatheh Ali Khan

D) None

21. Iqbal Hussain a famous actor was from ______

A) Lahore

B) Peshawar

C) Karachi

D) Quetta

Pakistan allows Afghanistan’s exports through the Wagah border with India Under the_________bilateral trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

A) 2020

B) 2018

C) 2019

D) None

________ became permanent member of SCO Youth Council in July 2020?

A) Pakistan

B) India

C) Iran

D) China

_______ introduced “Bakar Mandi” online mobile appliction to facilitate cattle purchase process on Eid-ul-Azha between buyer and seller?

A) Punjab Govt

B) Balochistan Govr

C) KPK Govt

D) None

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