Current Affairs

Which technology company of Pakistan earn place on Inc 500 list?

A) Biotech

B) 100pearls


D) Zaktech

What is the name of first Asian cricketer to lead England in a T-20 cricket match?

A) Nasser Hussain

B) Adil Rashi

C) Moeen Ali

D) Saqib Mahmood

Who is the head of Taliban negotiating team in Doha ?

A) Mullah Baradar

B) Abdul Hakim Haqqani

C) Sher Abbad Stanikzai

D) Dr Muhahmmad Naeem

What was the name of Indian drone downed by Pakistan army on 9th September 2020?

A) Quardcopter

B) Quadcopter

C) Hexacopter

D) Pentacopter

In which case Nawaz Sharif was declared proclaimed absconder?

A) Toshakhana

B) Asiana

C) Al Azeezia

D) None

What is the name of Pakistani-American whose name was featured in Forbes 2020 richest list?

A) Shahid Khan

B) Kamil Agha

C) Agha Khan

D) Malik Riaz

Which country recently announced that they are decreasing number of troops in Iraq?

A) Iran


C) Germany


Who is the author of the book “Rage” written on the US president Donald Trump?

A) Stanley Wolpert

B) Bob Woodward

C) Mick Henry

D) David Hich

Which leader was removed from “Sakharov prize community” by the EU parliament due to human right violation?

A) Muhammad Bin Salman

B) Aung Suu Kyi

C) Kim Jong Un

D) Bashar Ul Asad

Which organization recently put Pakistan on a list from which world can learn about future pandemics?

A) World Health Organization

B) UN economic & social council



How many additional posts were approved in secretariat group by PM Khan?

A) 78

B) 85

C) 88

D) 98

Islamabad is the most polluted city in the country?

A) 6th

B) 4th

C) 10th

D) 7th

Which province recently approve ban on bonded labor?


B) Sindh

C) Balochistan

D) Punjab

Recent 'SCO' council of Foreign Ministers meet was held in?

A) Tarana

B) Moscow

C) Islamabad

D) Delhi

When PM Khan launch ‘Roshan digital account’?

A) 10th Sep 2020

B) 11th Sep 2020

C) 9th Sep 2020

D) 8th Sep 2020

Which newspaper top ranked Imran Khan for working effectively and efficiently to overcome effect of COVID-19 on nation?

A) New York time

B) Daily mail

C) The Asian World News

D) Al Jazeera

Who won Caribbean cricket league 2020?

A) Trinbago Knight Riders

B) Guyana Amazon Warriors

C) Jamaica Tallawahs

D) Barbados Tridents