Current Affairs

Pakistan on 5 May 2020 formally applied _____ for debt relief.

A) United Nations



D) G–20

IMF on 17 April 2020 approved Pakistan’s request for an emergency loan of

A) $1.4 billion

B) $1.8 billion

C) $2.2 billion

D) $2.6 billion

How much money Pakistan pledged for SAARC Covid-19 Emergency Fund on 9 April 2020?

A) $1 million

B) $2 million

C) $3 million

D) $4 million

ECC on 20 January 2020 allowed import of _____ million tonnes of wheat.

A) 0.2

B) 0.3

C) 200

D) 300

Who is the current Secretary Finance?

A) Naveed Kamran Baloch

B) Dr. Hafeez Sheikh

C) Asad Umar

D) Dr. Waqar Masood Khan

The total install capacity of Thar Coal Power Project is

A) 660 MW

B) 1320 MW

C) 1400 MW

D) 1660 MW

The current government secured a loan of _____ from friendly countries between July 2018 to March 2019 as a short-term measure.

A) $5.2 billion

B) $7.2 billion

C) $9.2 billion

D) $11.2 billion

Who won the recent Kabaddi World Cup 2020 ?

A) Germany

B) India

C) Pakistan

D) Azerbaijan

Pakistan defeated India in the Kabaddi World Cup 2020 final by

A) 43–41

B) 43–38

C) 45–43

D) 45–40

Who was charged with a fine of £190 million (About 38.5 billion rupees) in UK on 3 December 2019 for ill-gotten money and money laundering?

A) Asif Zardari

B) Nawaz Sharif

C) Malik Riaz Hussain

D) General (R) Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani

According to the recently passed Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act 2020, the reappointment of Army chief

A) Cannot be questioned in High Court

B) Cannot be questioned in Supreme Court

C) Can be questioned in Supreme Court only on the basis of seniority

D) Cannot be questioned in any Court on any ground

The under construction Gulpur hydropower project to generate 102 MW of electricity is located in

A) Jhelum

B) Kotli

C) Mirpur

D) Gilgit

The total installed capacity of Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project is

A) 660 MW

B) 969 MW

C) 1320 MW

D) 1440 MW

According to Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act 2020, Army Chief can be reappointed for a tenure up to _____ year(s).

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

National Assembly of Pakistan passed the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act, 2020 on

A) 3 January 2020

B) 5 January 2020

C) 7 January 2020

D) 9 January 2020

Through TAPI gas pipeline Afghanistan, Pakistan and India will receive natural gas from

A) Kazakhstan

B) Kyrgyzstan

C) Tajikistan

D) Turkmenistan

Balloki Power Plant to generate 1223 MW of electricity was inaugurated on 15 July 2018. It is located in

A) Bhakkar

B) Sahiwal

C) Kasur

D) Sheikhupura

Who is the current Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations?

A) Maleeha Lodhi

B) Munir Akram

C) Shamshad Ahmad

D) Hussain Haroon

Pakistan-Qatar deal to import LNG from Qatar to Pakistan is a government-to-government contract for _____ years

A) 5

B) 9

C) 13

D) 15

The Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act 2020 sets the maximum age of _____ years for Army chief.

A) 60

B) 62

C) 64

D) 66

The GDP growth rate for the financial year 2019-2020 was recorded as

A) –0.38%

B) 0.38%

C) 1.38%

D) 2.38%