Current Affairs

What is the total length of Kartarpur Corridor?

A) 4.5-kilometre

B) 4.7-kilometre

C) 5.7-kilometre

D) None of These

In which District of Punjab in Pakistan Kartarpur Corridor is located?

A) Narowal District

B) Nankana sahib

C) Rajanpur

D) None of These

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor on:

A) Nov 15, 2019

B) Oct 9, 2019

C) Nov 9, 2019

D) None of These

Which country will help Pakistan to turn Thar coal into liquid?

A) China

B) Saudi Arabia


D) None of These

Pakistan has jumped up ______ places on the World Bank’s (WB) Ease of Doing Business Index and secured a place among the top ______ countries with the most improved business climate:

A) 10,28

B) 28,20

C) 28,10

D) None of These

Pakistan will buy ____ MILGEM ships from Turkey:

A) 4

B) 2

C) 3

D) None of These

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Pakistan for the first time in _______ years:

A) 20 years

B) 13 years

C) 10 years

D) None of These

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan between ______ at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

A) 12-18th October

B) 16-18th October

C) 14-18th October

D) None of These

______ has included Pakistan in the list of top 10 friendly countries and looks forward to assisting Pakistan in development activities


B) China

C) Japan

D) None of These

Kainat Junaid becomes first female Fighter Pilot from _____:

A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

B) Balochistan

C) Gilgit Baltistan

D) None of These

The Lahore High Court Administrative Committee approved removal from service of Judge Arshad Malik on charges of misconduct on_________________________.

A) 1st July 2020

B) 2nd July 2020

C) 3rd July 2020

C) 4th July 2020

________________________is appointed as new chief of FBR for a period of three months on 04th July 2020.

A) Mohammad Javed Ghani

B) Wajid Zia

C) Mohammad Iqbal Malik

D) Rashid Wathara

Pakistan and China signed $ 1.5 Billion agreement for Azad Pattan hydropower project on___________________________

A) 6th July 2020

B) 7th July 2020

C) 8th July 2020

D) 9th July 2020

US placed a ban on the PIA flights on_____________________

A) 6th July 2020

B) 7th July 2020

C) 8th July 2020

D) 9th July 2020

A group of four terrorists attacked Karachi Stock Exchange Building on______________________

A) 28th June 2020

B) 29th June 2020

C) 30th June 2020

D) 1st July 2020

European Union Suspended PIA’s authorisation to operate in Europe (EU member states) for six months effective from_______________

A) 28th June 2020

B) 29th June 2020

C) 30th June 2020

D) 1st July 2020

Pakistan reopened Kartarpur Corridor, after three-and-a-half months long closure due to the Corona Virus, on_____________________

A) 29th June 2020

B) 30th June 2020

C) 1st July 2020

D) 2nd July 2020

______ airline announced to increase its flights operations for Pakistan from 16 July, 2020 ?

A) Qatar Airways

B) Singapore Airlines

C) Etihad Airways

D) None of these

Pakistan aims to generate 30 percent of clean energy by ________ year ?

A) 2023

B) 2025

C) 2028

D) 2030

_______ amount of debt payments will be rescheduled by Pakistan in 2020 under the Debt Service Suspension Initiative ?

A) $2.31 billion

B) $2.41 billion

C) $3.31 billion

D) $3.41 billion

PM Imran khan approved ________ amount for utility stores relief Package?

A) Rs 5bn

B) Rs 6bn

C) Rs 7bn

D) Rs 8bn