Current Affairs

How many bills were rejected by opposition in senate related to FATF?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

What is the name of Chinese built latest warship inducted in Pakistan navy fleet?

A) Type-054

B) Type-055

C) Type-050

D) Type-051

Which court recently give their verdict that PM can appoint anyone as his advisor according to the constitution?

A) Supreme Court

B) Islamabad High court

C) Lahore High Court

D) Sindh High court

Which court recently ruled that any executive function performed by unelected member of prime minister team is illegal?

A) Islamabad High Court

B) Supreme Court

C) Peshawar High Court

D) Sindh High court

Which bill was recently passed which oppose retired judge of Supreme Court to be a chairman of the press council?

A) Press council of Pakistan amendment bill 2020

B) Journalist council of Pakistan amendment bill 2020

C) Print media council amendment bill 2020

D) News council amendment bill 2020

Who was recently appointed as member IRSA from Sindh ?

A) Aqeel Junejo

B) Zahid Hussain Junejo

C) Anjam Hussain Junejo

D) Shams Anjam Bhutto

Which dam recently filled after 13 years due to heavy flood in Karachi?

A) Sukkur Dam

B) Hub Dam

C) Sutlej Dam

D) None of these

Which country held Navy drill with Pakistan Navy on 28th August 2020?



C) China

D) Iran

How much dues paid by government of Pakistan to retired employees of Pakistan steel mills?

A) 11.44 billion

B) 11 billion

C) 10.44 billion

D) 12 billion

In a bid to strengthen forex reserve, which digital account was introduced by SBP for overseas Pakistanis?

A) Green digital accounts

B) Roshan digital accounts

C) Pakistan digital account

D) None of these


Which famous Seraiki singer died due to heart arrest on 29th August 2020?

A) Arif Lohar

B) Shafaullah Khan Rokhri

C) Jahanzaib Rokhri

D) None

30th August is remembered as ?

A) International day of disappeared

B) Human Right day

C) International day of clean environment

D) None

Recently which Supreme Court judge wife seeks income tax detail of PM Khan?

A) Justice Isa

B) Justice Saeed

C) Justice Siddiqi

D) Justice Gulzar

When Youm-i-Ashura observed world wide?

A) 9th Muharram

B) 10th Muharram

C) 7th Muharram

D) 4th Muharram

Which TV channel was suspended by PEMRA due to airing of sectarian contents on Muharram?

A) Geo News

B) Aj News

C) 24NewsHD’s

D) ARY News

The only player who scored 2000 runs and got 50+ in T-20 cricket is?

A) Shahid Afridi

B) Muhammad Hafeez

C) Shoaib Malik

D) Shakib Ul Hassan

How many Apps were recently banned by PTA citing immoral contents?

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

D) Five 

The administration of which province recently announced that we are launching TV channel to counter propaganda against their government?

A) Punjab

B) Sindh 


D) Baluchistan

How much amount was released to address financial issues of PIA owned Roosevelt hotel?

A) $140m

B) $142m

C) $144m

D) $145m

PM Imran khan orders release of convicted, under trial prisoners?

A) Children

B) Men

C) Women

D) Old

Which cricket league recently announce that they will play their remaining matched in November ?