Current Affairs

Which party leader was fined over 2 million pounds for evading income taxes in London?





What was the inflation rate in August?

A) 8.2% 

B) 9%

C) 8.5%

D) 11%

How many sectaries had been deputed in southern Punjab secretariat recently?

A) 15

B) 17

C) 16

D) 18

Which famous US blogger is ordered by the interior ministry of Pakistan to left the country within 15 days ?

A) Cynthia Ritchie’s 

B) Edward Snowden

C) Raymond Davis

D) None

Who is the new administrator of Karachi?

A) Murtaza Wahab

B) Iftikhar Shallwani

C) Sherjeel Memon

D) Zahid Hussain

How much the circular debt increases on monthly basis in fiscal year 2019-2020?

A) 538 Billion

B) 44.8 Billion

C) 40.8 Billion

D) 45.8 Billion

How much the export decreases in the July and August 2020?

A) 3%

B) 4% 

C) 5%

D) 6%

Pakistan ability and capacity in business innovation on global innovative fell to ____ in 2020.

A) 107

B) 104

C) 103

D) 108

6 September is celebrated as?

A) Independent day

B) Defense day

C) Black day

D) None

How much package was announced by federal government for uplifting of Karachi?

A) 1.1 Trillion

B) 0.9 Trillion

C) 1.5 Trillion

D) 1.2 Trillion

What was the name of female journalist killed in Baluchistan?

A) Shaheena Shaheen

B) Mubeena Khan

C) Fatima Khan

D) Aneela Sheikh

In KPK, 4 September will be celebrated as a?

A) Black day

B) Hijab day

C) Women day

D) Labor day

The daughter of which poet turned down the presidential award in protest against kidnapping and torturing of journalist ?

A) Parveen Shakie

B) Fahmida Riaz

C) Sher Bano

D) Zar sanga

Which ARY digital drama was banned by PEMRA due to immoral contents ?

A) Pyar ke Sadqay

B) Ishqiya

C) Tum Merey hu

D) Chrail

Which mobile application recently start its operations in Pakistan to end ‘digital addiction’ of students?

A) Mobdro

B) GemiApp

C) Lock&Stock

D) StudentApp

Which high profile government officer was abducted from Islamabad recently?

A) Fawad Hassan

B) Matiullah Jan

C) Sajad Bajwa

D) Sajid Gondal