Current Affairs

Who won 2020 female US Open Tennis final?

A) Serena William 
B) Victoria Azarenka
C) Naomi Osaka
D) Maria Sharapova

According to SBP, the foreign exchange reserve increased on weekly basis?

A) 0.74%
B) 0.79%
C) 0.80%
D) 0.95%

Who is the current Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A) Jawad S.Khawaja 
B) Ajiz Ul Hassan 
C) Gulzer Ahmed 
D) Asif Saeed Khosa

To discourage corruption, the police stations in which province got financial autonomy?

B) Punjab 
C) Balochistan 
D) Sindh

When the intra-afghan peace talks started between Afghan government and Taliban?

A) 11th Sep 2020 
B) 12th Sep 2020 
C) 13th Sep 2020 
D) 14th  Sep 2020 

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘must start making money’ to pay mortgage on _______ home.

A) Santa Barbara

B) Monet Carlo

C) Santa Clara

D) None

Recently which world leader younger brother died?

A) Putin

B) Donald Trump

C) Modi

D) King Salman

Recently which country peoples refuse to accept the election results?

A) Kashmir

B) Belarus

C) Russia


Which two Muslim countries are expected to normalize ties with Israel?

A) Oman-Kuwait

B) Kuwait-Bahrain

C) Oman-Bahrain

D) Qatar-Bahrain

Which afghan political woman was recently wounded in assassination attack?

A) Fawzia Koofi

B) Munaza Shaheed

C) Malalia Basheer

D) None

What was the name of Donald Trump younger brother died recently?

A) David Trump

B) Robert Trump

C) Micheal Trump

D) None

Which muslim country sign strategic commercial agreement with Israel on corona research?

A) Qatar

B) Turkey


D) Bahrain

A new musical about Britian’s princess _____ will be air on Netflix Inc in2021.

A) Meghan

B) Diana

C) Victoria

D) Nonw

Which African country was hit hard by flood recently?

A) Kenya

B) Egypt

C) Sudan

D) Ethiopia

The name of autobiography written on Prince Harry and princess Meghan is______

A) The freedom

B) Finding freedom

C) A good relation

D) The Phoenix

The authors of the autobiography 'Finding freedom' are ________

A) Durand & Scobi

B) David & Scobi John

C) Duran & David

D) Micheal & Scobi

A massive explosion rocked __________ nation’s capital city on August 4, 2020 ?

A) Vietnam

B) Turkey

C) Lebanon

D) None of these

_______ nation has made COVID-19 negative certificate mandatory for travelling abroad ?

A) Bangladesh

B) Pakistan


D) None of these

________ reconnaissance (spy) satellite has successfully launched by Israel into orbit on July 5th, 2020 ?


B. Ofek 16

C. Amos-16

D. None of these

_________ nation’s former King has exited the country amid corruption allegations ?

A) Spain 

B) Denmark

C) Switzerland

D) None of these

_______ nation has warned to put TikTok out of business if it is not sold by September 15 ?



C) India

D) None of these