Current Affairs

According WAPDA Neelum Jehlum plant generated _________ bn in revenue

A) 120

B) 130

C) 140

D) 150

K-Electric raised _______ bn in Sukuk offering

A) 30

B) 40

C) 50

D) 25

According to SBP, Pakistan recorded trade surplus with which country in 2020?

A) China


C) India

D) Italy

Pakistan repaid _____ billion dollar in loan to Saudi Arabia.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 1

SBP reserves rose to _____ billion dollars in August

A) 13

B) 21.54

C) 14

D) 18

Moody’s confirmed Pakistan’s credit rating at B3 with the outlook at

A) Stable

B) Unstable

C) Disastrous

D) None

Which e-commerce giant entered Pakistan in August?

A) B4U

B) Ali Baba

C) Wal Mart

D) Amazon

Trade deficit shrinks 10.2pc to $______bn in July

A) 1.64

B) 2

C) 4

D) None

During the month under review, Pakistan’s exports registered an increase of 6.04pc, from $1.886 billion last year to $_____ billion

A) 1

B) 4

C) 5

D) 2

In July, imports declined from $3.713 billion to $_______billion (1.97pc).

A) 3.640

B) 4

C) 5

D) 6

In July, the country’s exports increased by _______in July 2020 when compared with the exports of $1.599 billion in June 2020

A) 50%

B) 40%

C) 30%

D) 25.08%

In FY20, the current account deficit shrank by 77.9pc to $_______billion (1.1pc of GDP) as against $13.4 billion in FY19 (4.8pc of GDP).

A) 6

B) 5

C) 3

D) 2.9 

Trade deficit reduced by 27.9pc to $_______billion in FY20 as against the deficit of $27.6 billion last year.

A) 20

B) 30

C) 40

D) 19.9 

Pakistan can increase its exports by up to $________billion by 2024 even after taking into account disruptions due to Covid-19, according to the International Trade Centre’s latest export potential assessment for the country

A) 15

B) 14

C) 13

D) 12

As of August 11, KSE-100 index settled at _______ points.

A) 40000

B) 38000

C) 39,914.76

D) 39000

Foreign remittances shot up almost ______% during the four months of the coronavirus pandemic — including March, April, May, and June.

A) 7.8

B) 8

C) 9

D) 10

Overseas Pakistanis sent home record remittances in the fiscal year 2020 (FY20), totalling at $_______billion

A) 26

B) 25

C) 24

D) 23.12 

FATF stands for

A) Financial Action Task Force

B) Financial Action Task Firm

C) Financial Accountability Task Force

D) All of these

According to Human Development Index (HDI), Pakistan is _____ ranked country in terms of quality of life.

A) 92nd

B) 122nd

C) 152nd

D) 182nd

The annual inflation rate in Pakistan increased to _____ percent in July of 2020 from 8.6 percent in the previous month.

A) 9.3 

B) 10

C) 10.5

D) 11

Pakistan is ranked _____ among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.

A) 108

B) 109

C) 110

D) 114