Current Affairs

Pakistan got _____ foreign support to handle Covid-19

A) $2.66b

B) $3.66b

C) $4.66b

D) $5.66b

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, orders worth $______ million for export of personal protective equipment (PPE) made in Pakistan have been received from around the world, particularly Europe.

A) 200

B) 300

C) 400

D) 100

According to WWF Pakistan`s deforestation rate ______ highest in Asia.

A) Highest

B) Second

C) Zero

D) Minimal

Pakistan exports ______ tonnes of mangoes during 2020.

A) 120,000

B) 130,000

C) 140,000

D) 150,000

The major government policies that can be used to pursue its macroeconomic goals are

A) Fiscal policy and debt policy

B) Fiscal policy and monetary policy

C) Fiscal policy, debt policy and monetary policy

D) Fiscal policy, monetary policy and subsidies

The government’s fiscal policy denotes the use of government’s

A) Taxes and expenditure

B) Consumption and investment

C) Taxes and revenue

D) Consumption and expenditure

Three main drivers of economic growth are

A) Consumption, investment and employment

B) Savings, investment and debt

C) Revenue, expenditure and savings

D) Consumption, investment and savings

Pakistani society like other developing countries has

A) Low marginal propensity to consume

B) High marginal propensity to consume

C) High marginal propensity to invest

D) High employment

The current government borrowed _____ billion from friendly countries as a short-term measure.

A) $6.2

B) $7.2

C) $8.2

D) $9.2

The total GDP of Pakistan (Year 2020) in nominal terms is about ______ billion.

A) $284.2

B) $324.2

C) $364.2

D) $404.2

The GDP growth rate in the current financial year of 2020 is recorded as

A) –1.38%

B) –0.38%

C) 0.38%

D) 1.38%

The per capita income in Pakistan is about

A) $1188

B) $1288

C) $1388

D) $1488

The current inflation rate (Year 2020) in Pakistan is about

A) 5.2 %

B) 8.2 %

C) 11.2 %

D) 14.2 %

The current unemployment rate (Year 2020) in Pakistan is about

A) 2 %

B) 5 %

C) 8 %

D) 11 %

The most important sub-sector of the industrial sector is

A) Construction

B) Transport

C) Real estate

D) Manufacturing

The share of manufacturing sub-sector in the overall industrial sector is

A) 52.4%

B) 58.4%

C) 64.4%

D) 70.4%

The agriculture sector contributes _______ to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A) 19.30%

B) 21.30%

C) 23.30%

D) 25.30%

The industry sector contributes ______ to the country’s GDP

A) 18.47%

B) 20.47%

C) 22.47%

D) 24.47%

The services sector contributes ______ to the country’s GDP.

A) 45.23%

B) 50.23%

C) 55.23%

D) 60.23%

The three Stock Exchanges Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad were merged into Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on 11 January

A) 2014

B) 2015

C) 2016

D) 2017

Foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan reached the new historic high of ______ on October 14, 2016.

A) $24.5 billion

B) $28.5 billion

C) $32.5 billion

D) $36.5 billion