Current Affairs

Which gas was discovered by the researchers on the planate Venus?

A) Phosphorus

B) Phosphine

C) Hydrogen

D) Oxygen

Which country is hosting intra Afghans peace talks?

A) Pakistan

B) China

C) Qatar

D) Bahrian

According to European Union, which opposition leader of Russia was poisoned recently?

A) Alexei Navalny

B) Vladimir Novicov

C) Lukashenko

D) None

For how many months the ordinance related to Kulbhushan Jadhav extended?

A) One month

B) Two Month

C) Three Month

D) Four months

According to recent research study, there is a potential sign of life on which planate?

A) Mars

B) Moon

C) Venus

D) Jupitor

Recently which two Arab countries signed agreement with Israel to normalize their bilateral ties?

A) Egypt-Jordan

B) UAE-Jordan

C) Bahrain-UAE 

D) Bahrain-Jordan

UAE- Bahrain signed agreement with Israel to normalize their ties?

A) 13th August 2020

B) 15th September 2020

C) 10th September 2020

D) 12th August 2020

Where the agreement ‘to normalize their bilateral ties’ between Israel and UAE-Bahrain was signed?

A) Abu Dhabi

B) Jerusalem

C) Washington

D) Qatar

Which urban project was inaugurated by PM Khan on 15th September 2020?

A) Model urban project

B) Ravi Riverfront project

C) Pakistan construction project

D) None

Who won the male US open tennis final on the 15th September 2020?

A) Dominic Thiem

B) Alexander Zverev

C) Rafael Nadal

D) Andy Murray

When Rashakai economic Zone was inaugurated by PM Khan ?

A) 14th Sep 2020

B) 13th Sep 2020

C) 16th Sep 2020

D) 15th Sep 2020

According to ADB forecast, what will be the economic growth of Pakistan in FY 2021?

A) 3%

B) 1%

C) -0.09%

D) 2%

Who became the new prime minister of Japan?

A) Shinzo Abe

B) Yoshide Suga

C) Wen jiya Bao

D) None

When Yoshide Suga became the prime minister of Japan ?

A) 15th Sep 2020

B) 16th Sep 2020

C) 14th Sep 2020

D) None

Yoshide Suga prime minisster of Japan belongs to ?

A) Liberal democartic party

B) Communist party of Japan

C) Conservative party of Japan

D) None

Who was the longest serving prime minister of japan ?

A) Suga

B) Shinzo Abe

C) Jayeng Ho

D) None

Which Caribbean island government announces that they are removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state?

A) Barbados

B) Jamaica

C) Grenada

D) Antigua

How many FATF related bills were passed by legislators on 16th Sep 2020?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 1

With whom Pakistan cricket board sign three year broadcasting deal on 16th sep 2020?

A) Geo Super

B) PTV Sports

C) Espn Sports

D) None

Which urban transportation system was recently stopped temporarily due to technical issues ?

A) Metro


C) Orange Line

D) Green Buses

Which royal couple make it to the ‘Time’s 100 most influential people’ list?

A) Prince William-Kate Middleton

B) Prine Harry-Meghan Markel 

C) Prince Philip-Queen Elizabeth

D) None

Which bank recently granted stay to pakistan in the Reko Diq mining lease dispute?



C) State bank of pakistan

D) None