Current Affairs

Recently PM Khan inaugurated an institute established with the assistance of government of Austria, what is the name of that institute ?

A) Pak-Austria institute of health

B) Pak-Austria institute of applied sciences

C) Pak-Austria institute of medical sciences

D) None

Which public figure of Pakistan was shortlisted by UNO for a film based on actions that can tackle poverty, inequality etc?

A) Imran khan

B) Dr Sania Nashtar

C) Malala Yousaf zai

D) Shehzad Roy

Recently which two apps were officially banned by the US government on national security grounds?

A) Bigo-WeChat


C) Wechat-TIKTOK


Which Asian country recently passed a law that a mother name will be included on children’s ID cards?

A) India

B) Afghanistan

C) China

D) Japan

According to oxford research study, what percentage of peoples have contacted corona virus in Karachi?

A) 25%

B) 41%

C) 36%

D) 39%

Who was the highest tax payer parliamentarian in the tax year 2018?

A) Imran Khan

B) Najeeb Haroon

C) Shahid Khaqan

D) Shahbaz Sharif

The official website of which gurdwara was recently launched by government of Pakistan ?

A) Gurdwara of Peshawar

B) Gurdwara of Taxila

C) Gurdwara of Kartarpur

D) None

Which famous US supreme court judge died recently ?

A) Bader Ginsburg

B) Sara Palin

C) Theyen Ruth

D) None

Which Pakistani female human right activist has been included in a global cohort of young leaders on sustainable development goals?

A) Malala Yousaf Zai

B) Sharmeen Obaid Chenoy

C) Hadiqa Bashir

D) Sadia Anwar

Which social government organization became the first ever social organization to adopt the modern accounting standards ?


B) Zamung kor

C) Transparent hands

D) None

How many votes the newly elected prime minister of Japan Yoshide Suga got from lower house for the chair of primer-ship ?

A) 314

B) 463

C) 250

D) 260

The famous female judge of US supreme court Bader Ginsburg died due to?

A) Heart attack

B) Corona

C) Pancreatic cancer

D) Lungs cancer

Which country peoples recently vote in favor of “reducing the size of country parliament”?

A) Japan


C) Italy

D) Sweden

According to new monetry policy announce by state bank of Pakistan,the interest rate will remain at ?

A) 11%

B) 9%

C) 7%

D) 6%

Which aerospace giant plan to manufacture first commercial Zero-emission aircraft?

A) Emirate Airline

B) Airbus

C) Turkish Airline

D) European Airline

Recently Italy announced referendum on “reducing the size of country parliament”, how many votes were cast in favor of referednum ?

A) 80%

B) 45%

C) 67%

D) 50%

The rank of Pakistan on global sustainable development goal in 2020 is?

A) 130th

B) 125th

C) 134th

D) 138t

What is the name of the rat which was awarded with gold medal due to his sniffing capability to detect gold mines?

A) Magaw

B) Bangaw

C) Leeni

D) Hero

Recently a relative sued the president over inheritance matters, what is the name of that president?

A) Puttin

B) Donald Trump

C) Arif Alvi

D) None

The 75th session of UNGA was a unique session because:

A) World leaders attend the session on Zoom

B) World leaders send recorded video statement

C) World leaders physical attend the session

D) None

What was the name of Kuwait ruler who died recently?

A) Sheikh Ahmad

B) Sheikh Sadat

C) Sheikh Sabah

D) Sheikh Yaqoob

The administrator of which province recently announced that they will not take help from army in the upcoming election of legislative Assembly?

A) Punjab


C) Gilgit-Baltistan

D) Sindh