Current Affairs

What is the name of new female judge of the US Supreme court who replaced lebral icon late ruth Bader?

A) Amy Coney

B) Nekay Hellay

C) Sarah Sander

D) None

Which two rival parties in the Yemen War recently agreed that they will exchange their prisoners?

A) ISIS Houthis

B) S.Arabia Houthis

C) ISIS-S.Arabia

D) Al Qaeda-ISIS

According to the data of KPK tourism department , how much loss was inflicted by Corona pandemic to KP tourism department

A) Rs 10 B
B) Rs 8 B
C) Rs 12 B
D) Rs 15 B

Which Afghan leader recently visited Pakistan?

A) 28th sep
B) 27th sep
C) 26th sep
D) 25th sep

How much mark up subsidy scheme was announced by the federal government for agriculture sector?

A) Rs 6.861 b
B) Rs 6.90 b
C) Rs 6.676 b
D) None

Which two middle east countries exchange extensive firing recently?

A) Armenia-Azerbaijan

B) Lebanon-Israel

C) Saudi Arabia- Yemen

D) None

How much loan was recently approved by the Asian development bank to support financial sector?

A) $300m

B) $500m

C) $300b

D) $4500b

In which case Asif Ali Zardari was indicted recently?

A) Ursus Tractor

B) Money Laundering

C) Al Azeezai

D) ARY Gold

Which Afghan leader recently visited Pakistan?

A) Ashraf Ghani

B) Amrullah Saleh

C) Abdullah Abdullah

D) None

Who is leading Afghan government delegation in the Afghan peace talks?

A) Amrullah Saleh

B) Sadatullah Khan

C) Ashraf Ghani

D) Abdullah Abdullah

The ruler of Kuwait died recently,what is the name of new ruler of Kuwait?

A) Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad

B) Sheikh Al Sabah

C) Muhammad Bin Ahmad

D) None

Which Arab football club recently signed first Israeli football player?

A) Al-Sadat

B) Al-Nasr

C) Al-Ahmad

D) Al-Jumera

Which Arab country recently announced that they will launch unmanned rover to the moon by 2024?

A) Qatar

B) Saud Arabia


D) Kuwait

Who is Special assistant to prime minister on religious harmony?

A) Mufti Taqi Usmani
B) Mulana Tariq Jameel
C) Mufti Tariq Masood
D) Maulana Tahir Ashrafi

What was the name of famous actor of Pakistani films and TV plays, who died recently due to cardiac arrest?

A) Mirza Shahi

B) Hassan Niazi

C) Tariq Bajwa

D) None