October 2020

Indian court acquitted ___accused in Babri mosque demolition?

A) Two

B) Three

C) All

D) One

Sheikh Sabah, the ruler of Kuwait died on?

A) 29th Sep 2020

B) 30th Sep 2020

C) 28th Sep 2020

D) None

What is the name of first Israeli football player signed by an Arab based football club?

A) Dia Saba

B) Pablo Sarabia

C) Nethan Saba

D) Yaghu Shumilan

How much loan was approved by World Bank to support Pakistan transition to renewable energy resources?

A) $450 Million

B) $420 Million

C) $400 Million

D) None

The APS Peshawar attack judicial inquiry report is completed, according to that report APS attack was a complete failure of?

A) Management at the School
B) Security
C) Top level army officials
D) Both a & b

_____became the only Pakistani to smash a century on debut in his first class T20 match.

A) Assad Shafiq
B) Abdullah Shafique
C) Shaheen Shah
D) Sarfaraz Ahmed

The current foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan are__ billion.

A) $12.36

B) $18.36

C) $15.36

D) $19.36

FBR collected Rs. __ trillion in taxes in its first quarter.

A) 2

B) 1

C) 5

D) 3

Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah died at the age of _ years.

A) 92

B) 91

C) 80

D) 90

Azerbaijan and Armenia are fighting over__?

A) Karabakh

B) Baku

C) Yerevan

D) Tibilisi

Who is the care taker chief minister of Gilgit-Baltistan ?

A) Afzal Lango

B) Mir Afzal

C) Khursheed Afzal

D) Rashed Sumro

Who is the special assistant to prime minister of Pakistan on power?

A) Nadeem Babar

B) Umar Ayub

C) Moeed Yousaf

D) Tabish Gauhar

The government of Pakistan has restored the pension of which controversial personality?

A) Pervez Musharaf

B) Asad Durrani

C) Hussain Haqani

D) Altaf Hussain

Who is the new head coach of Pakistan women cricket team?

A) David Hemp

B) David Boom

C) Imzamam

D) Micheal Hinds

Which political party recently expels their five rebel MPAs?





Who became the leader of Pakistan democratic movement?

A) Bilawal Bhutto

B) Shahbaz Sharif

C) Fazal Rehman 
D) Maryam Nawaz

When the formal peace agreement between Sudan and the rebels groups signed?

A) 1 Oct 2020

B) 2 Oct 2020

C) 3 Oct 2020

D) 4 Oct 2020

Recently how much Rozgar scheme was announced by the Punjab government?

A) Rs 20 billion

B) Rs 25 billion

C) Rs 30 billion

 D) None

Who is the spokesman of foreign office of Pakistan ?

A) Maleeha Lodhi

B) Tasneel Aslam

C) Zahid Hafeez Chaudri

D) None

Which country recently officially launches Corona contact tracing App?



C) China

D) Sweden

Which country recently call upon their citizens to ‘boycott everything Turkish’?

A) Kuwait
C) Saudi Arabia
D) Bahrain

Which system was recently launched by FBR for the speedy refund of the tax to the traders?

A) Faster plus 

B) Tax plus

C) Refund plus

D) None

The home of which Indian actor was declared as national heritage by KPK government?

A) Shah Rukhan

B) Dilip Kumar

C) Amir Khan

D) None

‘Forty Rules of Love’ written by Elif Shafak was recommended by which famous personality recently?

A) Dr Arif Alvi

B) Qamar javed Bajwa

C) Imran Khan

D) Sheikh Rasheed

International day of non violence was celebrated on?

A) 4th Oct 2020

B) 3rd Oct 2020

C) 2nd Oct 2020

D) 1st Oct 2020