Current Affairs

Myanmar and Sri Lanka have eliminated __________ disease ahead of 2023 target ?

A) Measles/Rubella

B) Ebola


D) None of these

__________ President has tested positive for corona virus ?

A) Brazil 

B) Russia

C) France

D) None of these

________ has planned to build 5-8 nuclear reactors per year between 2020-2025 ?

A) Russia

B) China

C) Iran

D) None of these

________ party has retained power in Singapore General Elections 2020 ?

A) People’s Action Party 

B) Workers Party

C) Justice Party

D) None of these

________ is termed as the fastest Computer in the World recently in June 2020 ?

A) Sequoia

B) Fugaku

C) Tianhe-2A

D) None of these

_______ is going to host the multi nation military exercise named ‘Kavkaz 2020’ or ‘Caucasus-2020’ ?

A) Russia

B) Pakistan

C) Kazakhstan

D) Uzbekistan

Google has been receiving backlash for allegedly deleting ________ from Google Maps ?

A) Taiwan

B) Hong Kong

C) Palestine 

D) None of these

____ social media page of the world’s top business managers and politicians got hacked on 15 July, 2020 ?

A) Facebook

B) Instagram

C) Twitter

D) None of these

Hassan Diab the prime minister of _________ country has resigned recently ?

A) Syria

B) Israel

C) Lebanon

D) None of these

________ has dropped India from Chahbahar Rail Project ?

A) Pakistan

B) China

C) Iran 

D) None of these

US tech giant Google announces $10 billion ‘digitization’ fund for ________ country ?

A) Pakistan

B) India

C) South Africa

D) None of these

The New Strain of Swine Flu Virus is named as ‘G4 EA H1N1 having Human Pandemic Potential Discovered in _______ ?

A. Japan

B. China

C. North Korea

D. Italy

On July 10, 2020 Turkey reconverts Istanbul’s ‘Hagia Sophia museum’ into _________ ?

A. Temple

B. Church

C. Masjid

D. Museum

Hope is the mars mission of ________ ?


B) United States

C) China

D) None of these

________ held a referendum to get public opinion on its new constitutional amendments ?

A) Nepal


C) Russia

D) None of these

_________ Prime Minister has launched a mega-billion 10-year Defence plan ?


B) France

C) China

D) Australia

A suspected case of Bubonic plague has been detected in __________ ?

A) Japan

B) Germany

C) Brazil

D) China

In June, 2020 _______ became the richest man of China, replacing Jack Ma for the top spot ?

A) Zheng Hai

B) Pony Ma

C) Le Xin

D) None of these

________ is the name of China’s $10bn global navigation system comprising 35 satellites ?

A) BeiDou (BDS)


C) Galileo

D) None of these

Separatist Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has quit _________ political front ?

A) Hurriyat Conference

B) National Conference

C) Peoples Democratic Party

D) None of these

An active asteroid is discovered near _______ Planet Orbit for the first time in billion years ?

A) Saturn

B) Mars

C) Neptune

D) Jupiter