October 2020

Recently which country became the 18th country in the world to get manufacturing capability of heart stents?

A) Turkey

B) India

C) Pakistan
D) Bangladesh

Which are the only two Muslim countries who have the capability to manufacture heart stents?

A) Pakistan-UAE

B) Turkey-Pakistan

C) Qatar-Pakistan

D) Pakistan-Saud Arabia

Which famous footballer was tested positive for corona virus?

A) Lionel Messi

B) Cristiano Ronaldo

C) Neymar

D) None

Which famous Pakistani cricketer retired from all forms of cricket recently?

A) Shahid Afridi

B) Misbah Ul Haq

C) Umar Gull 

D) Shoaib Malik

Who is the chief minister of Baluchistan ?

A) Jam Kamal Khan

B) Aslam Riyssani

C) Lashkar Riyssani

D) None

Which latest iPhone was launched by Apple recently?

A) Iphone 11

B) Iphone 9

C) Iphone X
D) iPhone 12

Who won the noble price in economics in 2020?

A) Paul Milgrom

B) Robert Wilson

C) Jack Dyne

D) Both a & b 

To which council of united nation Pakistan was reelected on 13th October 2020?

A) Economic council

B) Human rights council

C) Security council

D) None

Which country recently suspended the ‘EU golden passport’ scheme?

A) Cyprus

B) Turkey


D) France

Pakistan elected to UNHR Council for ___ time.

A) 4th

B) 5th

C) 2nd

D) 3rd

Which special assistant to prime minister of Pakistan resign recently?

A) SAPM on finance

B) SAPM on media

C) SAPM on revenue

D) None

What was the name of SAPM who resigned recently?

A) Tania Aidrus

B) Zafar Mirza

C) Asim Salim Bajwa

D) Haroon Rasheed

Which Pakistani female footballer made it to the Forbes ’30 under 30’?

A) Nida Yasir

B) Hajra Kamal

C) Karishma Ali

D) Nida Dar

How much the remittance in September 2020 increases as compared to previous year?

A) 31%

B) 25%

C) 33%

D) 29%

According to recent research study, which country death rate from Covid-19 is worst among developed countries?

A) Russia


C) India


Which province recently started “ Nai Zindagi” program for the acid attacks victims?


B) Balochistan

C) Punjab
D) Sindh

Who won noble prize for literature in 2020?

A) Lewi Warner

B) Louise Gluck

C) David Hemper

D) Stev Minson

According to world bank forecast the growth rate of Pakistan economy in current fiscal year will be?

A) 1%

B) 0.5% 

C) -0.02%

D) 0.14%

Federal and Sindh governments are at odds on which Island?

A) Bundal

B) Phitti

C) Jhari

D) Korangi

Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan is

A) Muhammad Sadiq

B) Rustam Shah

C) Abdul Basit

D) Raheem Ullah Yousafzai

Who won ‘French open’ 2020?

A) Roger Federer

B) Novak Djokovic

C) Rafael Nadal

D) None

Recently which renowned Islamic scholar was gun down in Karachi?

A) Mulana Salimullah

B) Mulana Adil Khan

C) Mulana Shamozai

D) Sabir Jafri

11th October is celebrated as?

A) Minorities day

B) Girls day 

C) Labor day

D) Education day

According to research study, which app is used by peoples to lift their spirits?

A) Facebook

B) Instagram


D) Wechat

Special assistant to prime minister of Pakistan on overseas Pakistanis?

A) Zulfi Bukhari

B) Shahbaz Gill

C) Hafeez Sheikh

D) Aneel Mussarat