October 2020

20. November 20 is celebrated as?

A) Children day

B) Animal day

C) Marriage day

D) Family day

19. How many Pakistanis scientist are there on the list of the Stanford University’s top 2% scientists.

A) 10

B) 14

C) 12  

D) 15

18. Recently the leader of the ban organization was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment, what is the name of that leader?

A) Masood Azhar

B) Hafiz Saeed

C) Zaki ur Rehaman

D) Rahman Khalil

17. Recently the nawab of which princely state requested prime minister of Pakistan to highlight the issue of the princely state?

A) Junagarah 

B) Hyderabad

C) Mysore

D) Jamu and Kashmir


16. When the peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan signed?

A) 10th Nov 2020 

B) 11th Nov 2020

C) 9th Nov 2020

D) 8th Nov 2020

15. How many peacekeepers were deployed by Russia to Nagorno-Karabakh?

A) 1500

B) 1800

C) 1600

D) 2000

14. The oldest president of the USA?

A) Donald Trump

B) Ronald Reagan

C) Joe Biden 

D) Bill Clinton

13. Donald Trump is the nominee of ____ for US election 2020.

A) Democrat

B) Congress

C) Republican

D) Labor

12. Recently a country issued a banknote which shows Kashmir as a separate state, what is the name of that country?

A) Pakistan

B) Turkey

C) Saud Arabia

D) Malaysia

What is the name of leader whose party membership was suspended due to his anti-Semitism stance?

A) Jeremy Corbyn

B) Keir Starmer

C) Tony Blair

D) None

What is the name of the Muslim leader who claimed that killing French peoples are justifiable if eye for eye logic applied?

A) Mahatir Muhammad

B) Imran Khan

C) Davood Duglo

D) None

The former prime minister of which country claimed that if eye-for-eye logic applied then Muslim have the rights to kill French peoples?

A) Pakistan

B) Turkey

C) Malaysia

D) Indonesia

Recently how many new accountability courts were approved by prime minister Imran Khan?

A) 120

B) 105

C) 110

D) 125

What is the number of Pakistan on global index for mobile internet speed?

A) 16th

B) 113th

C) 117th


Recently France call back their ambassador from a Muslim country over derogatory remarks about their president, what is the name of that country?

A) Pakistan

B) Turkey 

C) Kuwait

D) Qatar

Japanese and US military started military exercise, what is the name of that exercise?

A) King Cobra

B) Warrior

C) Keen sword

D) Hot iron

How many Arab countries have normalized their ties with Israel?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 3

D) 5

Roosevelt hotel is owned by?

A) Railway

B) Shaheen Air line


D) Emirate Air line

TIKTOK was banned in Pakistan due to?

A) Trade war between Pakistan and China

B) Immoral content on the App

C) Rivalry with PTA

D) Violated law

What is the name of head of the country and his wife who was recently tested positive for Covid-19?

A) Boris Johnson-Carrie Symonds
B) Putin-Aleksandrovna
C) Trump-Melania
D) None

24th October is celebrated as?

A) Peace day 
B) UN day
C) Kashmir day 
D) None 

Who is special assistant to PM of Pakistan on information?

A) Asim Saleem Bajwa 
B) Raoof Hassan
C) Shibli Faraz 
D) Fawad Chaudhry

On 24th October 2020, Azad Jammu Kashmir celebrated its ____ foundation day.

A) 72nd 
B) 74th
C) 73rd 
D) 75th

On 24th October 2020, UN marks its ______ anniversary

A) 75th 
B) 73rd
C) 74th 
D) 76th

UAE citizens get Israeli visa exemption, for how many months they can remain in Israel on single visit?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three
D) Four

Which Pakistani writer is declared “Brain of the year 2020” by the world famous Brain trust UK?

A) Arif Anis

B) Hamid Mir

C) Najam Sethi

D) Ahmad Noorani

TO whom Russia give permanent residency rights?

A) Julian Asange

B) Edward Snowden

C) WikiLeaks

D) Michael Hema

Who is the federal minister of industries & production?

A) Abdu Razzaq Dawood

B) Hafeez Sheikh

C) Hammad Azhar

D) Murad Saeed

Who sued Muhammad Bin Salman over Khashoggi murder?

A) Khashoggi son

B) Khashoggi Wife

C) Khashoggi fiancée

D) None

To counter inflation, federal government decides to established?

A) One dollar shop

B) Sasta Insaf Bazzar

C) Discount shops

D) Labor Bazzar

Current account is in ___ in the first quarter of FY2021.

A) Deficit

B) Surplus

C) Balance

D) None

In FY2020, circular debt increases by?

A) 30%

B) 25%

C) 35%

D) 20%

Who is the chairman of public account committee?

A) Shahbaz Sharif

B) Khawaja Asif

C) Rana Tanveer Hussain

D) Ihsan Iqba

Which Arab country peoples can enter to Israel without any visa?

A) Egypt

B) Bahrain

D) Jordan

Which Muslim country put the condition on the Covid-19 vaccine that it must be halal?

A) Malaysia

B) Indonesia

C) Pakistan

D) Saud Arabia

Who is the first Arab country whose citizen can be entered into Israel without any visa?

A) Qatar

B) Bahrain

C) Jordan


Who is the chairman of Kashmir committee?

A) Ali Amin Gandapur

B) Shehryar Afridi

C) Ali Muhammad

D) Murad Saeed

Who is the governor of state bank of Pakistan?

A) Reza Baqir

B) Sima Kamil

C) Jameel Ahmad

D) Murtzaz Syed