November 2020

The campaign “elimination of violence’s against women” will end on?

A) 10th Dec 
B) 5th Dec
C) 30th Nov
D) 27th Nov

According to recently survey conducted by Transparency International, who is the most corrupt country in Asia?

A) Pakistan
B) India 
C) Bangladesh
D) Sarilanka

Which famous footballer died recently ?

A) Pele
B) Beckham
C) Maradona 
D) Ronaldo

The international day for elimination of violence against women started on?

A) 25th Nov
B) 26th Nov
C) 24th Nov
D) 23th Nov

Recently which country allows free and universal access to women hygiene products?

A) Finland
B) Denmark
C) Scotland …..
D) France

According to state bank of Pakistan the interest rate will remain unchanged at ?

A) 7.5%
B) 9%
C) 7% 
D) 8%

Who is the chairperson the PTV board ?

A) Naeem Bokhari
B) Absar Alam
C) Hamid Mir
D) Mubashir Luqman

Who is the education minister of Pakistan?

A) Shafqat Mahmood 
B) Fawad Chaudhry
C) Shah Mahmood Qureshi
D) Asad Umar

Which province recently launches ‘insaf medicine card’ ?

B) Punjab 
C) Balochistan
D) Sindh

How much fund was released by federal government for procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine ?

A) $ 150 Million 
B) $ 180 Million
C) $ 100 Million
D) $ 200 Million

Who is the new chief of the TLP?

A) Saad Rizvi
B) Kamal Rizvi
C) Ghafar Rizvi
D) Hussain Rizvi

What is the rank of the Pakistan in the ‘ease of doing business’ index in 2020?

A) 136
B) 108
C) 100
D) 118

Software was developed in Pakistan to detect Corona virus in patient, what is the name of that software?

A) COV-Raid
C) COVXray

G-20 summit was hosted by?

A) Russia
B) China
C) Saud Arabia

The mother of which former prime minister of Pakistan died recently?

A) Yousa Raza Gillani
B) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
C) Nawaz Sharif
D) None

For how many months in the current FY, Pakistan record current account surplus?

A) Three
B) Four
C) One
D) Two

Which company first apply for emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine in USA?

A) Pfizer
B) Abbot
C) Both a & b
D) Biotech

How many Pakistanis scientist are there on the list of the Stanford University’s top 2% scientists.

A) 10
B) 14
C) 12 
D) 15

Recently the leader of the ban organization was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment, what is the name of that leader?

A) Masood Azhar
B) Hafiz Saeed
C) Zaki ur Rehaman
D) Rahman Khalil

How much development package did the government for southern Baluchistan announce?

A) Rs 600 Billion
B) Rs 550 Billion
C) Rs 500 Billion
D) Rs 650 Billion

Recently a prominent religious scholar and leader of political party died, what is the name of that leader?

A) Khadim Hussain Rizvi 
B) Mufti Naeem
C) Lal Shahbaz
D) None

Recently the chief of which political party died?


Recently consumer court fined a company in Karachi for poor customer serving, what is the name of that company

C) K-electric
D) None

20 Nov 2020

A) Men day

B) Women day
C) Children day
D) Senior citizen day