World GK

The deadliest disease is ?

A) Cancer

B) T.B

C) Corona


The world leading nuclear electricity producing country is?

A) Russia

B) China



World largest natural gas producing country is?

A) Pakistan

B) India

C) Russia

D) China

World largest computer company is?

A) Lenovo


C) Apple

D) None

World longest war continued for ?

A) 25 years

B) 30 years

C) 32 Years

D) 29 years

World shortest war was fought between

A) UK- Zazibar

B) USA-Zazibar

C) China-Zazibar

D) None

World shortest war was continued for?

A) 35 minutes

B) 39 Minutes

C) 37 Minutes

D) 41 Minutes

World bloodiest war was?

A) WW1

B) WW2

C) Iraq war

D) None

______ has world largest army.

A) India

B) Russia


D) China

World largest legislative assembly is?

A) National People’s congress of china

B) House of Common

C) Lok Sabha

D) None

World largest commercial bank?

A) Habib bank  

B) Mitsubishi Ltd

C) Deutsche 

D) None

World largest flower?

A) Rafflesia Arnoldi

B) Jasmine

C) Arnoldi

D) Raflessia

World fastest growing plant?

A) Bamboo

B) Raflessia Arnoldi

C) Jasmine

D) None

World fasted land animal?

A) Lion

B) Cheetah

C) Puma

D) None

World tallest animal is?

A) Female Giraffe

B) Male Giraffe

C) Zebra

D) None

World first clone animal was?

A) Sheep

B) Goat

C) Cow

D) Buffalo

World largest development bank is?


B) World Bank

C) Both  a & b

D) None

Longest bone in the human body is ?

A) Femur

B) Skullcap

C) ear

D) None

Smallest bone in the human body?

A) Stapes

B) Stirrup

C) Skullcap

D) Both a & b

Which country have the most newspaper?

A) China

B) India

C) Russia

D) Pakistan

World oldes museum is ?

A) Ashmolean  

B) George

C) Florida

D) None