World GK

Oldest theater in the world is?

A) Epidauros

B) George 

C) Hellen 

D) None

World largest card producing country is?

A) Germany


C) Japan

D) None

World longest frontier is between ?

A) Russia-China

B) USA-Canada

C) Afghanistan-Pakistan

D) India-China

World largest paper producer is?

A) China

B) Russia



World largest crude oil producer?


B) Iran

C) Saud Arabia

D) Iraq

World largest tobacco producer is?


B) China

C) Russia

D) None

World biggest bicycle producer is?

A) China

B) India


D) Germany

World longest wall is ?

A) The great wall of china

B) The great  wall of Mexico

C) None

Which continent is least populous?

A) Africa

B) Asia

C) Australia

D) Antarctica

“Salisbury”is the old name of which city?

A) Harare

B) Cape town

C) Mombasa

D) Newland

______ company of Russia provide gas to European states.

A) Gazprom

B) Hegushom

C) Gunzahu

D) None

H5N1 virus causes ______

A) Flu

B) Bird Flu

C) Respiratory Disease

D) None

Which famous character is produced by J.K Rowling?

A) Harry Potter

B) Narcos

C) King Kong

D) None

Qutab -ud-din Aibek was playing____ when he died.

A) Polo

B) Horse riding

C) Football

D) Cricket

The parliament of ____ is called diet.

A) South Korea

B) Japan

C) North Korea

D) Mexico

The world largest stock exchange is in?

A) New York

B) London

C) Wall street

D) Beijing 

"Spirit of Islam" is written by ___

A) Syed Ameer Ali

B) Syed Jahangir Ahmad

C) Stenly Wolpet

D) Laizley Hazleton

"India wins freedom" is written by____________

A) Abul Kalam Azad

B) Nehru

C) Rajpal

D) Ghandi

_____ defeated Napoleon in the war of waterloo.

A) Duke of Wellington

B) Duke of Wales

C) Duke of Canterbury 

D) Nonw

Hollywood is located in _____

A) New York

B) California

C) Texas

D) None

_____ canal connect Mediterranean and red sea.

A) Suez

B) Indus

C) Dead 

D) None