World GK

______ was the president of US during first world war.

A) Woodrow Wilson

B) Micheal Henry

C) Richard Nixon

D) John  F Kendy

Silicon valley is located in _____

A) Texas

B) California

C) New York

D) New Jersy

Golden gate is located in _____

A) San  Frasisco

B) California

C) Silicon Valley

D) None

Lvy league is ?

A) Athletic conference

B) Cricket Conference

C) Football conference

D) Baseball conference

Holocaust is ?

A) Killing of Jews

B) Genocide of Jews

C) Genocide of Christians

D) Killing of Muslim

Holocaust is also known as ?

A) Shoah

B) Rabi

C) Armageddon 

D) Killing

_____ is below sea level.

A) Scotland

B) Norway

C) Sweden

D) Netherlands

______ is considered as the leader of modern Chinese economy.

A) Jeng Hu

B) Deng 

C) Hu she mu

D) None

_____ is track 2 diplomacy

A) Economic diplomacy

B) Back-channel diplomacy

C) Strategic diplomacy

D) None

_____ is the name given to place of 9/11?

A) Resilient day

B) Patriot day

C) Win day

D) Black  day

There are _____ primary colours.

A) Three

B) Four

C) Five

D) Seven

______ is the last battle between evil and good.

A) Jihad

B) Armageddon 

C) Holocaust

D) None

_____ was the secret police of Nazi German.


B) Gestapo

C) Narco

D) Libertoda

_____ belong to Lebanon.

A) Jalal udin Rumi

B) AL khawarzmi

C) Khalil Jibran

D) Shams Tabriz

When stock exchange is going down it is called?

A) Bearish

B) Bullish

C) Passive

D) Active

_____ cross equator twice.

A) River Nile

B) Congo River

C) Tigris River

D) Indus River

There are _______ zeros in 1 trillion.

A) 12

B) 13

C) 14

D) 15

_____ was started from Tunisia.

A) Arab Revolution

B) Labor Movement

C) Arab Spring

D) None

_____ is the news agency of Italy.




D) None

American cup is associated with_____


B) Football

C) Yachting

D) None

For how many years Nelson Mendela remain in Jail?

A) 25

B) 27

C) 30

D) 28