World GK

The bridge in Istanbul, Turkey that connects Asia and Europe is called

A) Golden Gate Bridge

B) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

C) Bosphorus Bridge

D) Royal Gorge Bridge

Alexandria is a city in

A) Turkey

B) Egypt

C) Jordan

D) Greece

About __________% of Antarctica is covered by ice.

A) 97

B) 98

C) 99

D) 100

Ross Island in the Ross Sea is located near

A) Greenland

B) Norway

C) Continent of Antarctica

D) Continent of Australia

The first European to reach India by sea was

A) Christopher Columbus

B) Marco Polo

C) John Cabot

D) Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama was a/an __________ explorer.

A) British

B) French

C) German

D) Portuguese

The World Wide Web was invented by

A) Tim Berners-Lee

B) Bob Kahn

C) Steve Jobs

D) Bill Gates

The birthplace of the World Wide Web was


B) Pentagon


D) Microsoft

The headquarter of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, called CERN, is located in

A) Belgium

B) Switzerland

C) Germany

D) England

The world‘s longest land border between the two countries is the border between

A) US and Canada

B) US and Mexico

C) India and Pakistan

D) South Korea and North Korea

The world‘s largest island is

A) Greenland

B) Finland

C) Indonesia

D) United Kingdom

Which country is the largest archipelagic country in the world?

A) Greenland

B) Finland

C) Indonesia

D) United Kingdom

Indonesia is a country with around __________ islands.

A) 10,000

B) 11,000

C) 12,000

D) 13,000


The most dispersed country in the world is

A) Maldives

B) Indonesia

C) Malaysia

D) Philippines

The Maldives is spread over __________ km2.

A) 60,000

B) 70,000

C) 80,000

(D) 90,000

Maldives, a country in Asia, consists of around __________ islands.

A) 1100

B) 1152

C) 1192

D) 1212

Which country is also called the ―Land of the Midnight Sun?

A) Japan

B) Norway

C) Netherlands

D) South Africa

Which country is also called ―Rainbow Nation?

A) Japan

B) Norway

C) Netherlands

D) South Africa

Netherlands literally means

A) Ideal location

B) Lower countries

C) Mouth of land

D) Land of sun set

Which of the following is not an agency of U.N.?

A) World Health Organisation

B) Food and Agricultural Organisation

C) International Committee of the Red Cross

D) International Monetary Fund

The headquarters of International Labour Organisation is at

A) Paris

B) New York

C) Hague

D) Geneva