World GK

The world’s longest railroad tunnel ‘Seikan’ is located in

A) England

B) Japan

C) Switzerland

D) Russia

Which Country is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?

A) Lebanon

B) Japan

C) Canada

D) Turkey

Which part of the world is called: “Playgroud of Europe”?

A) Norway

B) Germany

C) Switzerland

D) Poland

Which Part of the world is called “Land of Midnight Sun”?

A) Thailand

B) Finland

C) Norway

D) Japan

What is “Big Ben”?

A) A Volcano in Alaska

B) A Glaxy of Stars

C) A clock placed on the British Parliament

D) None of the above

Which of the following is a Baltic State?

A) Georgia

B) Armenia

C) Ukraine

D) Estonia

Which of the following Asian countries is landlocked?

A) Myanmar

B) Mongolia

C) Vietnam

D) North Korea

Identify the biggest Island:

A) Greenland

B) Iceland

C) New Zealand

D) Taiwan

Identify the Coldest Planet:

A) Pluto

B) Venus

C) Jupiter

D) Mars

Identify the smallest Planet:

A) Venus

B) Mercury

C) Jupiter

D) None of above

Which one is the highest Mountain Pass in the world?

A) Khunjerab Pass

B) Kilik Pass

C) Alpine

D) None of the above

Identify the Largest ‘Salt-Water Lake’ in the world:

A) Lake Superior

B) Baikal Lake

C) Caspian Sea

D) Mancher Lake

Identify the world’s largest City (in area):

A) Shanghai

B) Moscow

C) New York

D) London

Which is the longest strait of the world?

A) Malacca

B) Gibraltar

C) Bosphorus

D) Dover

‘Fleet Street’ in London is famous for:

A) Tailoring and Jewellery Shops

B) Banking and Financial Transactions

C) Offices of the leading British Newspapers

D) None of the above 

‘Wall Street’ in New York is famous for:

A) Stocks Exchange Market

B) Modern Shopping Centre

C) Broadest street in the world

D) None of the above

Which of the following lines divide Turkish and Greek Cyprus communities?

A) Yellow Line

B) Green Line

C) Curzon Line

D) Maginot Line

Which of the following countries is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?

A) Switzerland

B) Norway

C) Bahrain

D) Lebanon

Which one is boundary line between Poland and Germany?

A) Maginot Line

B) Seigfrid line

C) Hindenburg line

D) Mannerheim line

‘Takla Makan Desert’ is located in

A) Xinjing (China)

B) East Africa

C) Basutoland

D) Iran

“Khyber Pass” is located in :

A) Karakorum range

B) Himalyas range

C) Hindukush range

D) Sulaiman range