World GK

Which part of the world is known as “Star and key of Indian Ocean”?

A) India

B) Sri Lanka

C) Maldives

D) Mauritius

“Siachen Glacier” is situated in :

A) Hindu Kush

B) Sulaiman

C) Pamir

D) Karakorum

Which of the following glacier is in ‘Hunza’?

A) Hispar

B) Biafo

C) Atrak

D) None of the above

Which of the following Mountain Peak is not situated in Karakorum range?

A) Broad Peak

B) Gasherbrum Peak

C) Tirich Mir Peak

D) All of the above

The world’s smallest state by population is:

A) San Marino

B) Monaco

C) Vatican

D) Nauru

The world’s largest fresh water lake is:

A) Caspian sea

B) Great Bear

C) Baikal

D) Superior

‘Nanga Parbat Peak’ is situated in:

A) Himalayas

B) Karakoram

C) Hindukush

D) Suliman

The largest river in Baluchistan is

A) Dasht

B) Zhob

C) Rakshan

D) Hingol

Which is the highest railway station in Asia?

A) Quetta

B) Kalat

C) Kan Mehtarzai

D) Sibi

What is the significane of a small country “Ecuador”?

A) It is a biggest island of Latin America

B) It is located on the equator of the earth

C) It is a land where days and nights are of one month duration on the earth

D) None of the above

‘Kuril Islands’ are situated between:

A) China and Japan

B) Russia and Japan

C) Australia and New Zealand

D) U.S and Cuba

What is “Green peace”?

A) A mountain range

B) The largest Island in the world

C) Geological Society of London

D) An organization that stresses the need to maintain a
balance between human progress and environmental

Yellow Sea lies between:

A) Singapore and Malaysia

B) China and Japan

C) Vietnam and Philippine

D) Australia and New Zealand

The world’s largest active volcano “Mauna Loa” is located in:

A) Hawaii (USA)

B) Central Andes (Chile)

C) Mount Mayon (Philippines)

D) Java (Indonesia)

The Eastern Mediterranean Island “Cyprus” is divided between

A) Germany and Poland

B) France and Greece

C) Turkey and Greece

D) Indonesia and Japan

Which is the smallest state in area?

A) Bahrain

B) Maldives

C) Malta

D) Brunei Darrusalam

The distance of a place South or North of Equator is called :

A) Altitude

B) Longitude

C) Latitude

D) Multitude

Which part of the world is called “The Land of free people”?

A) Switzerland

B) Thailand

C) West-Indies

D) U.K

The world’s famous bridge “Golden gate” is located in:

A) New York

B) Sydney

C) Mexico city

D) San Francisco

“Skhalin Islands” enriched with oil reserves are claimed by:

A) China and Russia

B) US and Japan

C) Russia and Japan

D) USA and Russia

“Pristina is the Capital of:

A) Chechnya

B) East Timor

C) Bosnia

D) Kosovo