World GK

Which part of Punjab is famous for shisham Timber Forests?

A) Changa Manga

B) Ala Chitta Range

C) Murree Kohuta Range

D) Mianwali and Kalabagh range

Which of the following Central Asian State is enriched with the world’s largest mineral resources?

A) Uzbekistan

B) Kazakistan

C) Azerbaijan

D) Turkmenistan

The largest number of fatalities by earth quakes were recorded in :

A) Gilan (Iran) June, 21st 1990

B) Kobe (Japan) January 17th 1995

C) Takhar (Afghanistan February 4th 1998

D) Izmir (Turky)August, 17th 1999

Pakistan Forest institution is located in:

A) Karachi

B) Rawalpindi

C) Lahore

D) Peshawar

The archaeological site “Kot Diji” is located near the city of:

A) Larkana

B) Thatta

C) Khairpur

D) Swat

Pakistan is surrounded in the North West by:

A) Iran

B) China

C) Afghanistan

D) Himalayas Range

The most precious gemstone “Emerald” are found in:

A) Gilgit

B) Hunza

C) Swat

D) Dir

On a 1: 50,000 map, village A and B are 4.5 cm apart. What is the real distance in km?

A) 1 ¼ km

B) 1 ¼ km

C) 2 ¼ km

D) 2 ½ km

To show the distribution of People of Pakistan we should use:

A) Shade method

B) Do method

C) Isopleth

D) Bargraph

The strength of wave action depends on all these EXCEPT:

A) Currents in the sea

B) Wind strength

C) Depth of coastal water

D) Height of waves

Bore is caused by:

A) Rising tide while meeting river currents

B) Friction from prevailing winds

C) Spring tide and strong winds

D) Unequal heating of oceans

Which of these is not a metamorphic rock?

A) Quartzite

B) Slate

C) Shale

D) Schist

Earthquakes are vibrations associated with all the following EXCEPT:

A) Subduction of rock during collision of crystal plats

B) Volcanic eruptions

C) Subsidence of a geocyncline

D) Movement along major faults

Biological weathering occurs in the ways EXCEPT.

A) Joint widening by roots

B) Honeycomb weathering

C) Reaction with humid acid

D) Reaction with plant and animal solution

Which of the following has the highest annual rainfall?

A) Sialkot

B) Rawalpindi

C) Parachinar

D) Chitral

The largest district of the Punjab by area is:

A) Dera Gazi Khan

B) Rajanpur

C) Bahawalpur

D) Rahim Yar Khan

Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance was enforced in:

A) 1984

B) 1986

C) 1988

D) 1990

Which of these is a process of transportation in a river?

A) Solution

B) Corrosion

C) Attrition

D) Deposition

A canyon is a large form of

A) Dry valley

B) Gorge

C) Pediment

D) Badiand

What kind of weathering takes place on the valley side above the surface of the glacier?

A) Plucking 

B) Abrasion

C) Chemical weathering

D) Frost shattering

Which of the statements to about the Troposphere is not true?

A) It contains 85-90% of the atmosphere’s mass

B) It contains nearly all the water and oxygen of the

C) It is the zone which exhibits changes in condition of

D) It is about 350 km thick