General Knowledge - World

Buddhism accounts for 100% of the total population in:

A) Nepal

B) Bhutan

C) Sri Lanka

D) China

Maize, Rice and Wheat are generally referred as:

A) Root crops

B) Cereal Crops

C) Legumes Crops granaries

D) None of the above

The largest latitude circle on earth is:

A) Arctic circle

B) Tropic of cancer

C) The Equator

D) Tropic of Capricorn

World’s largest Delta is:

A) Italy

B) Mexico

C) Sunderlands (India)

D) Bangladesh

Which is the largest tea producing country in the world?

A) Nigeria

B) Indonesia

C) India

D) China

Three Persian Gulf Islands, Abu Mussa, The Greater and Lesser Tunbs, are disputed between:

A) Iran and Iraq

B) Iran and U.A.E.

C) Iraq and Kuwait

D) Qatar and Bahrain

“Darwin” is the seaport of:

A) Australia

B) France

C) U.K

D) Germany

Which country produces maximum gold?

A) Brunei

B) South Africa

C) Australia

D) New Zealand

Which city is called “City of seven hills”?

A) New York

B) London

C) Paris

D) Rome

“Broadway” (New York U.S.A.) is the world’s largest

A) Theatre

B) Thoroughfare

C) Museum

D) Gymnaseum

What is meant by “Equinox”?

A) The longest day

B) The shortest day

C) The sun-month long day

D) Equal duration of day and night

The season changes because of the:

A) Moon is revolving round the earth

B) Earth is revolving round its axis

C) Earth is revolving round the sun

D) Planet Mars is attracting the sun

The distance of longitude represents how many minutes difference in time:

A) 10 minutes

B) 4 minutes

C) 15 minutes

D) 1 minute

‘49th Parallel’ is a boundary line between:

A) North and South Korea

B) China and Mongolia

C) Germany and Poland

D) USA and Canada

“Zardak” is the highest peak of:

A) Karakoram range

B) Sulaiman range

C) Kirthar range

D) Hindukush range

When one place on the earth is on a bigger eastern longitude then its time will be:

A) Ahead

B) Behind

C) Equal to the time of other place

D) Exactly one day behind than

What is the age of the earth?

A) 5000 million years

B) 6000 million years

C) 4000 million years

D) 5500 million years

“Antarctica” is situated in the:

A) North Pole

B) South Pole

C) Eastern Hemisphere

D) Western Hemisphere

Which continent is termed as “Dark continent”?

A) Asia

B) Africa

C) Australia

D) South America

The biggest desert “Sahara” is in:

A) America

B) Australia

C) Africa 

D) Asia

The country which is first in Petroleum oil production is?

A) Indonesia

B) Netherland

C) Iran

D) Saudi Arabia