General Knowledge - World

Maximum quantity of diamonds are found in:

A) North America

B) South America

C) India

D) Africa

In which continent is the Alps mountains to be found?

A) Asia

B) Africa

C) Australia

D) Europe

“London” is situated by the side of which river?

A) Seine

B) Don

C) Australia

D) Thames

“Madagascar” is the largest island in the

A) Pacific Ocean

B) Atlantic Ocean

C) Indian Ocean

D) Arctic Sea

“Suez” Canal is between:

A) Red sea and Mediterranean

B) North sea and Caspian sea

C) Indian Ocean and China sea

D) Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Which is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere?

A) Ist January

B) 22nd December

C) 30th December

D) 1st December

The animal Kangaroo is to be found in :

A) Malaysia

B) Australia

C) Sri Lanka

D) Mauritius

The earth’s rotation on its axis is from:

A) South to North

B) North to South

C) East to West 

D) West to East

Which country has the largest production of aluminium?

A) Germany

B) Canada

C) U.S.A

D) India

To control was environmental hazards, United Nations will hold the “Earth Summit 2002” in:

A) Brazil

B) Canada

C) South Africa

D) Norway

By area, the World’s largest country is:

A) Canada


C) Russia

D) China

Which country is known as “Land of midnight sun”?

A) Italy

B) Canada

C) Japan

D) Norway

Rainfall related to mountains is:

A) Orographic rainfall

B) Normal rainfall

C) Monsoon rains

D) Cyclonic rainfall

Which waterway gives the source of terrestrial moisture?

A) Ocean

B) River

C) Lakes

D) Canals

Bangladesh has a dispute over the construction of a dam on Naaf river with:

A) India

B) Myanmar

C) Nepal

D) China

A large group of islands is known as

A) Peninsula

B) Archipelago

C) Strait

D) Channel

A large coral reef containing islands encompassing a sea water lagoon is named:

A) Arctic

B) Atoll

C) Bank

D) Alpine

These are only two double land-locked countries in the world. Double land locked means a land-locked country which is also surrounded by land locked neighbouring countries. Name both the countries?

A) Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein

B) Uzbekistan and Chad

C) Uzbekistan and Mali

D) Liechtenstein and Chad

Basin is a low land area. Which are the largest basins in the face of the earth?

A) Seas

B) Oceans

C) Rivers

D) None of the above

Among these SAARC countries which is land locked?

A) Bhutan

B) Nepal

C) Sri Lanka

D) None of the above

What is the name of the central part of the earth?

A) Mantle

B) Core

C) Crust

D) None of the above