General Knowledge - World

What is/are the basic purpose(s) of dams?

A) Storage of water in a large reservoir.

B) Generation of electricity (Hydel Power)

C) Control of floods

D) All of the above

Which continent has no desert?

A) Australia

B) Europe

C) Antarctica

D) South America

Which is the thinnest earth layer?

A) Core

B) Mantle

C) Crust

D) None of the above

What is the name of the second highest African peak?

A) Mount Kenya

B) Mount Kilmanjaro

C) Mount Congo

D) None of the above

The Nile is the largest river of the world. Name the second largest river of Africa?

A) The Congo

B) The Niger

C) The Senegal

D) None of the above

The point that lies directly above the source of an earthquake is known as

A) Earthquake Center

B) Epicenter

C) Gravitational Center

D) Geological Center

Name the middle part of the earth?

A) Core

B) Crust

C) Mantle

D) None of the above

Which is the world’s largest mangrove forest(s)?

A) Changa Manga Forest

B) Sundarbans Forest

C) Amazon Forest

D) All of the above

The part of desert where adequate water is available for cultivation is called:

A) Oasis

B) Marsh

C) Island

D) Isthmus

The famous Khunjrab Pass is between Pakistan and

A) Afghanistan

B) China

C) Iran

D) India

A part of land surrounded by water on the three sides is called:

A) Island

B) Creek

C) Peninsula

D) Gulf

What is the largest factor that decreases the life of the reservoir of dam?

A) Siltation

B) Floods

C) Drought

D) Waterlogging

Water source beneath the earth flowing naturally is called:

A) Stream

B) Fall

C) Spring

D) Lake

A small water body say a river that flows into a larger body of water is called

A) Tributary

B) Spring

C) Confluence

D) None of the above

Name the largest island of Mediterranean Sea?

A) Sicily

B) Sardina

C) Cyprus

D) Malta

Which is the largest river of Europe?

A) Danube

B) Volga

C) Missouri

D) Thames

Which city/cities are situated along the river Danube?

A) Budapest

B) Belgrade

C) Vienna

D) All of the above

Which fall is associated with the river Zembazi?

A) Victoria Fall

B) Niagara Fall

C) Angel Fall

D) Tugela falls

Who is called ‘Father of Geography”?

A) Euclid

B) Herodotus

C) Marco Polo

D) None of the above

What is the name of the hot molten matter underneath solid rock?

A) Lava

B) Magma

C) Crust

D) None of the above

The hard, solid rocks, whose composition or texture has been changed by heat or pressure in the Earth are called:

A) Sedimentary rocks

B) Metamorphic rocks

C) Igneous rocks

D) None of the above