General Knowledge - World

Which is the largest river of Uzbekistan?

A) River Amu

B) River Syr

C) River Zarafshon

D) River Naryn

Qyzylqum is the largest desert of

A) Turkmenistan

B) Tajikistan

C) Kirgyzstan

D) Uzbekistan

Jenish Chokosu or Victory Peak is the highest point in which central Asian State?

A) Uzbekistan

B) Kazakhstan

C) Kyrgyzstan

D) Tajikistan

Garagum desert is in which central Asian State?

A) Turkmenistan

B) Uzbekistan

C) Tajikistan

D) Kyrgyzstan

The highest peak of the central Asia lies in Tajikistan that is 7500 meters high. Its name is

A) Lenin Peak

B) Victory Peak

C) Ismail Samani or Stalin Peak

D) None of the above

Which is the largest landlocked country of the world?

A) Mangolia

B) Uzbekistan

C) Chad

D) Liechtenstein

Which is the second largest country in Africa?

A) Sudan

B) Algeria

C) Egypt

D) South Africa

Which is the world’s fourth largest country? (Area wise)

A) Canada

B) Russia

C) India

D) China

Which SAARC Country contains eight of world’s ten highest peak?

A) India

B) Bhutan

C) Nepal

D) Pakistan

Strait of Messina separates Italy from

A) Sicily

B) Cyprus

C) Sardina

D) France

What is the name of world’s largest freshwater lake which is in North America?

A) Lake Titicaca

B) Lake Baykal

C) Lake Superior

D) Lake Erie

Which is the world’s second largest continent?

A) Asia

B) Africa

C) Australia

D) Antarctica

The highest point of North America is

A) Mount McKinley

B) Mount Elbrus

C) Mount Kenya

D) None of the above

London is situated across the river

A) Danube

B) Thames

C) Volga

D) Rhine

Which of the following boundaries exists between Germany and Russia?

A) Hindenburg Line

B) Curzon Line

C) Durand Line

D) Redcliff Line

Which two countries borders along the 24th Parallel line?

A) South Korea and North Korea

B) United States and Canada

C) Pakistan and India

D) None of the above

49th Parallel line is a famous boundary line which exists between:

A) Pakistan and India

B) South Korea and North Korea

C) Canada and United States of America

D) None of the above

Which of the following boundary lines does exist between Poland and Russia?

A) Hindenburg line

B) Curzon line

C) Durand line

D) Mannerheim line

Siegfred line is a boundary line around:

A) Switzerland

B) United States

C) Finland

D) Germany

Green Line is any boundary line. Green Lines exist between:

A) Israel and Jordan (West Bank)

B) Republic of Cyprus and Turkish Republic of Northern

C) East Beirut and West Beirut

D) All of the above

Every body knows Great Wall of China. Chinese erected this wall as a defense against:

A) Arabs

B) Indians

C) Iranians

D) Mongols