World GK

The first person to reach Mount Everest?

A) Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary

B) Tyson, Edmund Hillary

C) Albert, Sherpa Tenzing

The first person to reach North Pole?

A) Oearson

B) Robert

C) Robert Peary

The first person to reach South Pole?

A) Marco Polo

B) Amundsen

C) Occasio

The first religion of the world?

A) Christianity

B) Islam

C) Judaism

D) Hinduism

The first country to print book?

A) China

B) Turkey

C) Greece

The first country to issue paper currency?

A) China

B) India

C) Europe

D) Arabs

The first country to commence competitive examination in civil services?

A) Britain

B) China

C) India

The first Prime Minister of Britain?

A) Robert Walpole

B) Churchill

C) Clement Attlee

The first Governor General of the United Nations?

A) Kofi Annan

B) Trigveli (Norway)

C) Rubio

The first country to win football World cup?

A) Uruguay

B) Brazil

C) Purtugal

The first country to prepare a constitution?

A) Britain

B) Turkey

C) U.S.A

The first European to attack India?

A) Alexander

B) Vaskodi Gama

C) Napolean

The first European to reach China?

A) Marco Polo

B) Alexander

C) Vascoday Gama

D) Neil Tyson

The first person to fly aeroplane?

A) Wright Brothers

B) Marconi Brothers

C. Warner Brothers

The first person to sail round the world?

A) Morco Polo

B) Magellan

C) Ibn e Batuta

The first country to send man to the moon?

A) U.S.A


C) France

The first country to launch Artificial satellite in the space?

A) China

B) Russia


The first country to host the modern Olympics?

A) Greece

B) Japan

C) China


The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped?

A) Nagasaki

B) Hiroshima 

C) None

The first person to land on the moon?

A) Edwin E. Aldrin

B) A V Alexander

C) Neil Armstrong

The first shuttle to go in space?

A) Columbia

B) Cuba

C) China