General Knowledge

The Head Quarter of Asian Development Bank is in

A) Manila
B) Jakarta
C) Bangkok 
D) Shanghai 

After _____ years census in Pakistan were held.

A) 19
B) 20
C) 21
D) 22

The 21th PM of Pakistan was____.

A) Imran Khan
B) Nawaz Sharif 
C) Yousaf Raza Gillani
D) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

____ is called the city of thousand Minerats.

A) Cairo
B) Dhakka
C) Astana
D) Ankara

____ is called the Land of Free people.

C) Thailand
D) Paris

The oldest University of the world Al Karaouine is located in

A) Morocco

B) France

C) Russia


The capital of Myanmar is ___

A) Dushnbi

B) Addis Ababa

C) Nairoon

D) Naypyitaw

The Headquarter of International Olympic Committee is in ___.


B) Athens

C) London

D) Chicago

___ was the first Pakistani President who visited China.

A) Liaqat Ali Khan

B) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi

C) Ayub Khan

D) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

The famous Pisa Tower is located in?

A) Paris

B) Milan

C) Rome

D) London

The Presidency of UNSC rotates among 15 members states ___.

A) Yearly

B) Monthly

C) 1 Year

D) 6 Months

Every year on ___ October World Polio day is observed.

A) 20

B) 21

C) 23

D) 24

ICJ(International Court of Justice) is located in____.

A) Prague

B) Rome

C) Paris

D) The Hague

The total members of SAARC are ___.

A) 8

B) 11

C) 6

D) 7

There are___ official languages of OIC.

A) 4

B) 3

C) 2

Which of the following country is called roof of the world?

A) Tibet

B) Angola

C) Bahrian

D) Sudan

The land of the rising sun is called?

A) Caribbean

B) Japan

C) South Korea

D) New Zealand

____ is the playground of the Europe.

A) Sweden

B) Norway

C) Switzerland

D) Netherland

____ is known as land of maple leaf.


B) Mexico

C) Canada

D) China

____ is the famous name of New York.

A) Flower city

B) Empire City

C) Brave City

D) Light City