World GK

The name of Ceylon changed into Srilanka in?

A) 1972

B) 1978

C) 1979

D) 1980

Oldest inhabited city in the world is?

A) Damascus

B) Mohenjodrro

C) Baghdad

D) Jerusalem

World’s oldest Monarchy is?

A) Saudi Arabia

B) Thailand

C) China

D) Japan

Communist Manifesto was originally published in?

A) German

B) Hebrew

C) Russian

D) English

Silicon Valley is located in?

A) Boston

B) California

C) Washington

D) Florida

Normandy is in____.

A) Italy

B) France


D) Germany

Black Pool is a___?

A) City

B) Town

C) Lake

D) Sea

Kofi Anan former UN General Secretary belonged to?

A) Ghana

B) Somalia

C) Uganda

D) Kenya

Second largest oil producer of the world is?


B) Saudi Arabia

C) Russia

D) Iranv

Bering Strait separates Russia from?

A) Canada

B) China

C) Mexico


Which country has the shortest coast line of 5.5 Km in the world?

A) Afghanistan

B) Zimbabwe

C) Uganda

D) Monaco

Which continent has no desert?

A) Asia

B) Europe

C) South America

D) Australia

The second largest island of the world is?

A) New Guinea

B) Green Land

C) Sumarta

D) Java

What is the length of English channel?

A) 560 KM

B) 600 KM

C) 700 KM

D) 800 KM

___ is the longest river of Asia

A) Ganges

B) Yangtze

C) Indus

D) Volga

Cuban Missile crisis occurred in__?

A) 1960

B) 1961

C) 1962

D) 1964

Balfour Declaration was signed in?

A) 1917

B) 1918

C) 1919

D) 1920

Diet is the parliament of?

A) Korea

B) Japan

C) Philippine

D) Singapore

Aeroflot is the airline of?

A) Russia


C) Germany

D) Turkey

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is associated with?

A) Hockey

B) Tennis

C) Polo

D) Badminton

The Capital of Denmark is?

A) Copenhagen 

B) Rio

C) Oslo

D) Stockholm

Currency of Japan is?

A) Yuan

B) Yen

C) Dollar

D) None

The final of 1992 Cricket World Cup held in?

A) Perth

B) Sydney

C) Melbourne

D) London

___ is not the member of SAARC.

A) Myanmar

B) Bhutan

C) Afghanistan

D) Nepal


‘Peking’ is the old name of?

A) Shanghai

B) Beijing

C) Shenzhen

D) Guangzhou