General Knowledge - Pakistan

Indus river originate from:

A) Azad Kashmir

B) Western Tibet

C) Kashgar

D) Upper Sindh

The length of Indus river is:

A) 2736 km

B) 2803 km

C) 2990 km

D) 3050 km

The maximum discharge of water in Indus River under normal climatic conditions is around:

A) 63 MAF

B) 73 MAF

C) 83 MAF

D) 93 MAF

Chenab river originate from the mountainous range of

A) Suleman

B) Karakoram

C) Himalayas

D) Hindu Kush

The length of Chenab river is:

A) 974 km

B) 1230 km

C) 1350 km

D) 1403 km

Which of the following rivers rises from a deep spring at Vernag, in the Indian held section of Jammu and Kashmir state:

A) Ravi

B) Jhelum

C) Kabul

D) Sutlej

Jhelum river join Chenab river near:

A) Trimmu

B) Marala

C) Punjnad

D) None of the Above

Ravi river originate in the Indian state of:

A) Orissa

B) Hamachel Pardesh

C) Andra Pardesh

D) Utter Pardesh

River Kabul joins the Indus river at:

A) Mohmand Agency

B) Attock

C) Peshawar

D) Gilgit

River Kabul originate from north eastern Afghanistan, its length is:

A) 480 km

B) 550 km

C) 580 km

D) 705 km

The total storage capacity of different water reservoirs in Pakistan is around:

A) 17.1 MAF

B) 22.2 MAF

C) 34.5 MAF

D) 39.1 MAF

Tarbela Dam was constructed in 1976 on:

A)Indus river

B) Jhelum river

C) Chenab river

D) Kabul river

The world's twelfth largest earthfill dam is:

A) Salal Dam (Jammu & Kashmir)

B) Aswan Dam (Egypt)

C) Mangla Dam (Pakistan)

D) None of the above

Mangla Dam was constructed on river Jhelum in:

A) 1960

B) 1962

C) 1966

D) 1969

Chashma Barrage was built in 1971 on river:

A) Jhelum

B) Beas

C) Indus

D) Sutlej

Warsak Dam was built in 1960 on river:

A) Indus

B) Jhelum

C) Dasht

D) Kabul

Baran Dam in Pakistan was built in 1962 on river:

A) Hingol

B) Kurram

C) Kabul

D) Zoab

Khanpur Dam was built in 1984 on River:

A) Hunza

B) Soan

C) Haro

D) Hingol

Rawal Dam was built in 1962 on river:

A) Kurang

B) Gomal

C) Soan

D) Jhelum

Under Wapda "Vision 2025" programme, Bhasha Dam would be constructed on river:

A) Indus

B) Ravi

C) Jhelum

D) Chenab

Gomal Zam Dam is under construction in the tribal agency of:

A) North Waziristan

B) South Waziristan

C) Khyber

D) Kurram