General Knowledge-Pakistan

MOSAD is the secret agency of?

A) Israel

B) Afghanistan

C) Russia

D) Turkey

Which country is known as ‘Land of thunder bolt’?

A) Srilanka

B) Nepal

C) Bhutan

D) Belgium

Headquarter of Green Peace is in?

A) New York

B) Amsterdam

C) London

D) Berlin

Largest Muslim country in Africa by Population is?

A) Nigeria

B) Egypt

C) Chad

D) Sudan

First Provincial Elections after establishment of Pakistan were held in?

A) 1951

B) 1960

C) 1970

D) 1977

Pakistan’s first expedition landed on Antarctica in?

A) 1991

B) 1992

C) 1993

D) 1994

Boundary Line between India and Pakistan is called?

A) Working Boundary

B) LoC

C) 24th Parallel

D) All

Kafir Fort is located in which province?

A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

B) Sindh

C) Balochistan

D) Punjab

Decimal system introduced in Pakistan on 1st January___.

A) 1961

B) 1962

C) 1963

D) 1964

Which was the first missile launched by Pakistan?

A) Hatf

B) Ghaouri

C) Shaheen

D) Shaheen 2

Punjab’s size in total land mass of Pakistan is?

A) 20.8%

B) 25.8%

C) 30.8%

D) 35.8%

The oldest Hydro Electricity Project of Pakistan?

A) Tarbela

B) Malakand

C) Warsak

D) Mangla

Under Indus water treaty, rivers given to Pakistan are?

A) Jehlum

B) Chenab

C) Indus

D) All of these