General Knowledge-Pakistan

Mother Teresa was a

A) Doctor

B) Priest

C) Social Worker

D) None

Ottoman’s capital was?

A) Makkah

B) Medina

C) Constantinople

D) Baghdad

Netherlands is the new name of?

A) Prague

B) Holland

C) Denmark

D) Estonia

Indus Water treaty was mediated by?


B) World Bank



Civil war in US started in era of?

A) Lincoln

B) Nixon

C) Kennedy

D) Adams

Area of wakhan is under the control of which country?

A) Russia

B) China

C) Afghanistan

D) India

Name the area which separates Pakistan from Tajikistan?

A) Pamir knot

B) Khyber pass

C) Wakhan

D) Hindukush mountain

In which year boundary agreement was signed between Pakistan and china?

A) 1960

B) 1961

C) 1963

D) 1962

In which side of sub continent Pakistan is situated?

A) East

B) West

C) South

D) North

Pakistan is divided into how many physiographical division.

A) Three

B) Four

C) Five

D) Six

MOSAD is the secret agency of?

A) Israel


C) Jordan

D) Afghanistan

‘Stonehenge’ which is among wonders pf the world is in?

A) England

B) France

C) Italy

D) Germany

George Washington was succeeded by?

A) Thomas Jefferson

B) Lincoln

C) Hamilton

D) Adams

HQ of EU?

A) London

B) Brussels

C) Paris

D) Rome

Nippon is stock exchange of?

A) Tokyo

B) London

C) New York

D) None

__ straits separates Asia from Africa.

A. Bering Strait

B. Bab-ul-Mandab

C. Bosphorous

D. None

Deepest lake in the world is?

A) Victoria

B) Baikal

C) Titicaca

D) Superior

The first International Organization was?

A) Common Wealth

B) United Nations

C) League of Nations

D) None

Louvre Art gallery is located in?

A) Japan

B) France

C) South Korea

D) England

The Prime Meridian passes through?

A) Britain

B) Switzerland

C) America

D) Finland

The HQ of Common Wealth is in?

A) Paris

B) Perth

C) London

D) Berlin

Santigo is the capital of?

A) Chile.

B) Panama

C) Brazil

D) Bolivia

Pakistan won _ Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games 2010.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 1

D) 4

Common Wealth Games 2010 were held in?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand

C) India

D) China

Islamic Summit Conference was held in Lahore in?

A) 1971

B) 1972

C) 1973

D) 1974

Pentagon is the military HQ of?




D) Canada

‘Koyoto Protocol’ is a treaty dealing with?

A) Environment

B) Security

C) Human Rights

D) Proliferation

Which of the following is landlocked?

A) Belgium

B) Bangladesh

C) Mongolia

D) Iran

Sui gas was discovered in?

A) 1952

B) 1962

C) 1958

D) 1959

Gulf of _ is largest in the world.

A) Bengal

B) Mexico

C) Aden

D) Riga

Mesopotamia is the old name of __.

A) Turkey

B) Syria

C) Iraq

D) Jordan

Java island is located in _ ocean.

A) Pacific

B) Indian

C) Mediterranean

D) Arctic

Largest landlocked country is?

A) Nepal

B) Ethiopia

C) Afghanistan

D) None

There are__ landlocked countries in the world.

A) 44

B) 54

C) 34

D) 42

Total landlocked countries in Asia?

A) 12

B) 13

C) 14

D) 15

The campaign “elimination of violence’s against women” will end on?

A) 10th Dec 

B) 5th Dec

C) 30th Nov

D) 27th Nov

According to recently survey conducted by Transparency International, who is the most corrupt country in Asia?

A) Pakistan

B) India 

C) Bangladesh

D) Sarilanka

Which famous footballer died recently ?

A) Pele

B) Beckham

C) Maradona 

D) Ronaldo

The international day for elimination of violence against women started on?

A) 25th Nov

B) 26th Nov

C) 24th Nov

D) 23th Nov

Recently which country allows free and universal access to women hygiene products?

A) Finland

B) Denmark

C) Scotland 

D) France

In which of the following city the Pakistan Navel War College is located?

A. Karachi

B. Lahore

C. Islamabad

D. Multan