General Knowledge-Pakistan

Which Country largest grower and Producer of Palm oil?

A) Indonesia

B) Malaysia

C) Thailand

D) None of these

Where is river Ontario?

A) Australia

B) Canada

C) North America

D) Japan

Novel “War and Peace” was written by____?

A) Tito

B) Leo Tolstoy

C) Shelly

D) Daunte

Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize?

A) C.V Raman

B) Dr. Abdul Salam

C) I.A Bunin

D) Rabindranath Tagore

What is the Capital of Gambia? x

A) Conakry

B) George Town

C) Banjul

D) Seoul

+90 is International code for which country?

A. Turkey

B. Vietnam

C. Yemen

D. Cuba

How many holes in a standard golf course ?

A. 16

B. 18

C. 20

D. 21

Indian troops stormed Golden Temple, a holy place of Sikhs, in Amritsar in____?

A. 1978

B. 1980

C. 1982

D. 1984

Renminbi is the official currency of______?

A. Taiwan

B. China

C. North Korea

D. Philippine

In which sport can you hear the score announced as “30-love” ?

A. Tennis

B. Football

C. Ludo

D. Soccer

The __bridge in Turkey connects Asia and Europe.

A) Golden Gate

B) Akashi Kaikyo

C) Bosphorus

D) Royal Gorge

Alexandria is a city in

A) Turkey

B) Egypt

C) Jordan

D) Greece

About ____% of Antarctica is covered by ice.

A) 94

B) 96

C) 98

D) 100

Ross Island in the Ross Sea is located near

A) Greenland

B) Norway

C) Antarctica

D) Australia

The birthplace of the World Wide Web was


B) Pentagon


D) Microsoft

The world’s longest land border between the two countries is the border between

A) US and Canada

B) US and Mexico

C) India and Pakistan

D) South Korea and North Korea

The world’s largest island is

A) Greenland

B) Finland

C) Indonesia

D) United Kingdom

Which country is the largest archipelago country in the world?

A) Greenland

B) Finland

C) Indonesia

D) United Kingdom

The most dispersed country in the world is

A) Maldives

B) Indonesia

C) Malaysia

D) Philippines