World GK

Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is of ____

A) France

B) Russia


D) North Korea

As per Guinness world record which is the largest ambulance service in the world

A) Edhi

B) Red cross

C) Community health care

D) None of above

Julian Assange belongs to which country ?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand



US purchased Alaska state from which Country?

A) Russia

B) Canada

C) Mexico

D) Spain

Who launched 5G in 2018?

A) Samsung

B) Apple

C) Huawei

D) None of above

'We are Displaced' Book written by?

A) Malala Yousafzai

B) Tahira Khan

C) Father of Malala

D) None of above

Sub Himalayan range is also called ____

A) Siwalik Himalayas

B) Lower Himalayas

C) Upper Himalayas

D) None of these

Second highest peak of word located in which mountains:

A) Karakoram

B) Nangaparbath

C) Thrichmir

D) None of these

Chinkara deer and peacock found in :

A) Desert

B) Mountain

C) Forest

D) Snow

Harappa place is in which country.

A) India

B) Afghanistan

C) Iran

D) None of these

“Fire and Fury” Inside the Trump White House is written by?

A) Carl Bernstein

B) Christiane Amanpour

C) Michael Wolff

D) Bob Woodward

Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar was buried in which of the following city?

A) Delhi

B) Landon

C) Jerusalem

D) Bombay

which pair has won cricket world cup for Pakistan?

A) Waseem and inzam ul haq

B) sahid Afridi and younis khan

C) Imran Khan and younis khan

D) ramiz raja and waqar younis

The ball point pen was invited by___________?

A) Chester Carlson

B) Petrache Poenaru

C) Johannes Gutenberg

D) Laszlo Biro

‘History of Wolves’ book was written by:

A) Angie Thomas

B) Aysha jalal

C) Emily Fridlund

D) Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

‘Guernica’ the world famous painting was painted by_________?

A) Leonardo de Vinci

B) Van Gogh

C) Picasso

D) Michael

Zurich is an important city of which country?

A) Germany

B) Italy

C) Switzerland

D) London

Garuda is the airline of which country?

A) Germany

B) Indonesia

C) France

D) Russia

Interfax is the news agency of_________?

A) London

B) Russia

C) South Africa

D) France

Duma is the name of the Assembly of_____________?

A) Germany

B) Japan

C) Russia

D) Gambia

Nelson Mandela received the Nobel peace prize in 1993 together with another South African leader, what was his name?

A) Oliver Tambo

B) Frederick de klerk

C) P.W Botha

D) Desmond Tut